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All the photos of Cantabrican Gull (Larus michahellis lusitanius) are provided by Dick Newell, who provides the following introduction:
"These pictures were taken at or near Ondorroa, a Basque fishing port, on the Atlantic coast of NE Spain on 28th February 2000. The local breeding large white-headed gull is sometimes called Cantabrican Gull. These pictures confirm that these birds, particularly immatures, show characteristics of michahellis and argenteus but they are closer to michahellis. At the time of this visit, there were birds that seemed to be incubating in the breeding colonies along the coast."
- more of Dick's observations are included in each of the age-class pages below.

: 1st Spring (standing)
: 2nd and 3rd Spring (standing)
: adult Spring (standing)
: 1st Spring (flying) - added Dec 31, 2000
: 2nd and 3rd Spring (flying)- added Dec 31, 2000
: 4th/adult Spring (flying)- added Dec 31, 2000