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 About Martin
I was born and raised near London, England, where I worked for 23 years in the computing sector, mostly as a contract consultant in the corporate mainframe market. My work took me to Saudi Arabia, France, and Ireland for short periods. In 1986 I had an epiphany with birds and birding that changed my life, causing me to travel widely in search of birds, and move to Texas in 1991 - my home ever since. From 1993 I have worked in a variety of jobs more-or-less associated with birds and birding, including birding travel and tour guiding, retail backyard bird products, retail binocular and camera equipment, and bird/wildlife surveying.
I am a past Report Secretary for Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Society, a past President of Fort Wort Audubon Society, and a past member - and Webmaster - of the Texas Bird Records Committee. Since 1999 I've taken an increasing interest in butterflies and dragonflies, and I now combine birds with bugs when I'm in the field (sometimes not in that order...).


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