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General Links

Here are some external sites hosting my content (some of these are subject to change without my control):

My Facebook Page.

The IBC Internet Bird Collection.

Birdseye Photography.

Odonata Central.

Butterflies and Moths of North America.


eBird photos, videos, and recordings.

Surfbirds ( enter "Martin Reid" into the Photographer field).


Gull Research Organization - currently it is not possible to limit data to a specific person; I have photos scattered throughout the site, but mainly for American Herring Gull (including some ringing recoveries).

Texas Bird Records Committee Images - currently it is not possible to limit all images for a specific person. Select a species from the Review List, then at the eBird images page use the "Contributor" filter with the value "Martin Reid" - NOT the one called "Martin Reid Lists".

iNaturalist. Zoom-in to select and click on any of my records, or enter a species and/or location and click "GO" to refresh the search.

YouTube. My videos on YouTube (birds, squirrels, dragonflies, etc.)

An old section showcasing some the birds and bugs at the Halff Brothers Ranch in South Texas.

Click here for the Halff Brothers Ranch