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Places: short travelogs from birding trips

A fifteen-day trip to Australia (plus a day in New Zealand) in November/December 2017 . - NEW

A return trip to Guatemala - this time concentrating on a few much-wanted targets in the western volcanic belt plus the rarely visited Sierra de Cuchumatanes March 2017 .

A fifteen-day trip to Thailand in February/March 2016.

Many birds from a 12-day trip to Southern Mexico (Chiapas and Oaxaca) in July 2015.

An eight-day trip to Honduras in December 2014.

Old slide images from a trip to Morocco in January 1990.

A week in the Yucatan and Cozumel, Mexico in December 2013.

A handful of birds from a 12-day trip to Western Mexico in September 2005.

Three-plus days owling in Duluth, Minnesota in Feb 2013.

Two separate 20-day trips in Chile in Feb 1990 and Nov 1993; WORK IN PROGRESS - keep checking back!.

Six days in Puerto Rico Jan/Feb 2012.

Eight days in north-central Suriname, plus a day in Curacao November 2011.

Almost three weeks in Peru - a small part of the center and a transect across the north May 2010.

Two more weeks in Paradise: a longer visit to Colombia - this time to the Eastern Andes, north coast, and Santa Marta Mountains December 2009.

One week in Paradise: a short visit to central Colombia was long on highlights! August 2009.

An all-too-brief visit to central Panama in March 2009.

Many photos from Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso, and Para, Brazil in November 2008.

a series of photos from Ecuador of various target species that strayed in front of my lens during the days of film/slide...

a birding trip to southern Ecuador, November 2007.

a birding trip to southern Ecuador, December 2006.

snippets from a six-week working visit to the North Slope of Alaska (Barrow and Deadhorse) in August/September 2006.

an educational outing to Rancho del Cielo in NE Mexico, in March 2006 .

a birding sojourn to the western highlands of Guatemala in March 2006 - I can't wait to go back!

a bird and bug trip to northern Ecuador, February 2006.

A page on the relatively-new Mindo Loma Lodge in NW Ecuador

A page on the new West-Slope Temperate Lodge in Ecuador: Verde Cocha.

One of my favorite little corners of Ecuador.

The Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile.

An October weekend in Los Angeles, California: The Mountains
An October weekend in Los Angeles, California: The Lowlands