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Selected Moths: - these are now at the bottom of this page:

Butterflies from central and northern Thailand, Feb/March 2016 - click here - NEW.

Butterflies from Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico - click here.

Butterflies from Yucatan, Mexico, November 2013 - click here.

Butterflies from central and northern Colombia, August and December 2009 - click here.

Butterflies from southern Ecuador in December 2006 and November 2007 - click here.

Butterflies from an 18-day birding trip in northern and central Peru, May 02 - 19, 2010 - click here.

Butterflies from a week-long birding trip in northern Suriname, November 09 - 16, 2011 - click here.

Butterflies from a six-day birding trip to Puerto Rico, January 30 - February 04, 2012. - click here.

Butterflies from a two-day (!) birding trip to central Panama, March 21 - 23 2009. - click here.

Butterflies from a two-week birding trip to central Brazil, November 12 - 23 2008. - click here.

Butterflies from a short birding trip to New Mexico, July 04 2008. - click here.

Butterflies from a short birding trip to Alaska, June 01 2008. - click here.

Butterflies from a working trip to Alaska, July - August 2007. - click here.

Highlights from one December day in the LRGV. - click here.

A few butterflies from southernmost Florida in May 2006 - click here.

Butterflies from southwestern Tamaulipas, Mexico - click here.

Butterflies from southwestern Guatemala - click here.

Butterflies from north-central Ecuador - click here.

Butterflies from Nayarit and Sinaloa, Mexico - click here.

Full index of all butterfly pages:

The families, species and subspecies are listed here using the names and taxonomic sequence from the Butterflies of America web site (http://butterfliesofamerica.com/intro.htm) - although in some cases I have chosen to also list an alternative widely-used name for better clarity. All bugs from the trip sections indexed above are included in this section up until July 2008 .


Subfamily Parnassiinae (Parnassians):

leps319ParnassianAKSteeseHwy: Parnassius eversmanni Eversmann's Parnassian: a series from east of Fairbanks, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
lepsAK01: Parnassius phoebus apricatus Phoebus Parnassian: a series from near Anchorage, Alaska - not sure of the sex for most of them...
leps244: Parnassius smintheus sayii Rocky Mountain Parnassian: from central Colorado.

Subfamily Papilioninae (Cattlehearts and Swallowtails):

Mex05-SW02: Parides sp. Cattleheart sp; closest to photinus/Pink-spotted? Nayarit western Mexico.
EC06-04X-04: Parides eurimedes mylotes True Cattleheart from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex05-SW01: Battus laodamas iopas Green-patch Swallowtail Nayarit western Mexico.
leps144: Eurytides marcellus; a cooperative Zebra Swallowtail, from Hardin county, Texas.
: Eurytides serville Serville Kite-Swallowtail from northwest Ecuador.
leps193: Mimoides phaon Variable Swallowtail from south Texas - the first U.S. record for this genus .

leps35: Papilio troilus; my first Spicebush Swallowtail , north of San Antonio.
Mex05-SW03: Papilio (Pterourus) garamas garamas Magnificent Swallowtail Sinaloa western Mexico.
Mex05-SW04: Papilio victorinus morelius Victorine Swallowtail Sinaloa western Mexico.

leps330: Papilio canadensis Canadian Tiger Swallowtail from east-central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps88: Papilio astyalus; a female Broad-banded Swallowtail from Hidalgo County, Texas .
leps89: Papilio ornythion; male and female Ornythion Swallowtails from Hidalgo County, Texas .
Mex05-SW05: Papilio (Heraclides) androgeus epidaurus Androgeus Swallowtail Nayarit western Mexico
leps220: Papilo machaonides Ruby-Spotted Swallowtail from Hidalgo county, Texas .
leps302: Papilio rogeri pharnaces Pink-Spotted Swallowtail from Val Verde county, Texas - the second U.S. record.


Subfamily Dismorphinae (Mimic-Whites):

Mex05-pier01: Dismorphia amphione lupita Tiger Mimic-White Nayarit western Mexico .
EC06-08X: Lieinix nemesis ssp? Frosted Mimic-White from southeastern Ecuador.

Subfamily Coliadinae (Sulphurs and Yellows):

Eleven flying Pierids from one day in south Texas.

: Eurema daira sidonia Barred Yellow
western Mexico.
Eurema daira eugenia Barred Yellow from south Texas .
leps215: Eurema boisduvaliana Boisduval's Yellow from south Texas.
Mex05-pier03: Eurema salome jamapa Salome Yellow Durango western Mexico.
leps16: Pyrisitia proterpia: a confirmed Tailed Orange in Tarrant County, North-central Texas.
leps30: Pyrisitia nise nelphe: a group of Mimosa Yellows from south Texas near San Antonio.
Mex05-pier04: Pyrisitia dina westwoodi Dina Yellow Nayarit western Mexico.
EC06-08c: Pyrisitia sp. Yellow sp. Northern Ecuador .
leps14: Colias philodice two apparant male Clouded Sulphurs in Tarrant County, Texas... but are they, really?
leps22: Colias philodice is this a good male Clouded Sulphur for Tarrant County, Texas? - probably not!
lepsAK18: Colias philodice vitabunda
Coulded Sulphur from Alaska.
leps151: Colias alexandra alexandra these Queen Alexandra's Sulphurs
were near the treeline in the Cumbres Pass area in southernmost Colorado.
leps248: Colias meadii meadii Mead's Sulphurs
from central Colorado.
lepsAK03: Colias hecla hecla Hecla Sulphurs
from Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
leps323: Colias gigantea Giant Sulphur
from Alaska. - ADDED JULY 14, 2019.
lepsAK0803: Colias canadensis Canadian Sulphurs from Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 14, 2019.
lepsAK04: Colias nastes aliaska Labrador Sulphurs from Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
lepsAK05: Colias palaeno chippewa Palaeno Sulphurs
from Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
EC06-03X: Colias dimera Dimera Sulphur
from high in the andes of northern Ecuador.
EC06-03-02: Colias sp.? female Sulphur sp.? from very high in the andes of northern Ecuador.
Mex05-pier05: Anteos clorinde White Angled-Sulphur
southern Sinaloa western Mexico.
leps172: Anteos clorinde White Angled-Sulphurs from Corpus Christi, Texas.
leps211: Anteos maerula Yellow Angled-Sulphur from south Texas.
Mex05-pier06: Phoebis argante a female Apricot Sulphur, Nayarit western Mexico.
leps9: Phoebis agarithe a Large Orange Sulphur in Tarrant County, North-central Texas.
leps12: Phoebis philea confirmed Orange-barred Sulphurs in Tarrant County, North-central Texas - plus males in flight from south TX.
Mex05-pier07: Phoebis neocypris three Tailed Sulphurs, Nayarit and Sinaloa, western Mexico.
leps171: Aphrissa statira statira Statira Sulphurs from Corpus Christi, Texas.
leps171a: Aphrissa statira statira Statira Sulphurs from south Texas.
leps171b: Aphrissa statira statira Statira Sulphur a female from near San Antonio, Texas.
leps288: Aphrissa statira statira Statira Sulphur another female from San Antonio, Texas.

Pierinae (Whites):

leps52a: Anthocharis [sara] thoosa Southwestern [Sara] Orangetip one of five species of Pierine flying along the same trail in El Paso County, west Texas in early March.
leps23: Anthocharis midea texana a fresh male Falcate Orangetip from Tarrant County, Texas.
lepsAK0804: Euchloe ausonides (ogilvia?) three Large Marbles from near the treeline between Palmer and Glenallen, Alaska.
leps52c: Euchloe lotta Desert Marble one of five species of Pierine flying along the same trail in El Paso County, west Texas in early March.
Mex06-09-01: Hesperocharis costaricensis pasion Costa Rican White (=Pallid Tilewhite) from Rancho del Cielo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

leps48: Glutophrissa drusilla tenius a few Florida Whites from Hidalgo and Frio counties, south Texas.
lep313: Melete lycimnia isandra two Common Melwhites from Hidalgo county, south Texas - ADDED May 20, 2018.
leps168: Neophasia menapia Pine White near the Emory Pass area, southwest New Mexico.
Mex05-pier08: Neophasia terlooii Mexican Pine White Sinaloa northwestern Mexico.

Mex05-pier09: Catasticta nimbice nimbice Mexican Dartwhite Sinaloa northwestern Mexico.
Mex06-09-02: Catasticta flisa Narrow-banded Dartwhite from Rancho del Cielo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex05-pier10: Pereute charops leonilae Darkened White Nayarit, western Mexico.
Mex05-pier11: Pieriballia viardi viardi Viardi White Nayarit, western Mexico.
EC06-08d: Leptophobia sp. White sp. two types? from northern Ecuador.
leps161: Pieris marginalis Margined White south of the Cumbres Pass area, northernmost New Mexico.
leps331: Pieris angelika Arctic White from east-central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps57: Pontia protodice a Checkered White that resembles Western/occidentalis from Bexar County, Texas in in mid-April.
EC06-08b: Pontia sp? White sp. Northern Ecuador (14,000 feet).
leps52b: Pontia sisymbrii transversa Spring White one of five species of Pierine flying along the same trail in El Paso County, west Texas in early March.
leps39c: Ganyra josephina josepha Giant White from San Ygnacio, Texas.
Mex06-09-03: Ganyra phaloe tiburtia Godart's White?? from Rancho del Cielo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.


Miletinae (Harvesters):

leps8b: Feniseca tarquinius tarquinius Harvester in North-central Texas.

Subfamily Lycaeninae (Coppers):

leps238: Lycaena dione Gray Copper from central Front Range Colorado.
leps257: Lycaena rubidus sirius Ruddy Copper from central Colorado.
leps148: Lycaena heteronea gravenotata male Blue Copper near Chama, north-central New Mexico.
lepsAK06: Lycaena dorcas arcticus Dorcas Coppers near Homer, Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.

Subfamily Theclinae (Hairstreaks):

leps26: "eight-and-two-halves" types of Hairstreak from my erstwhile Tarrant County, North-central Texas yard in one day.

Mex06-06-01: Eumaeus childrenae Great Cycadian from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps79: Rekoa marius Marius Hairstreaks from Hidalgo County, Texas .
leps340Rekoasp: Rekoa Hairstreaks from Hidalgo County, Texas .
EC06-07-01: Arawacus togarna Togarna Hairstreak from nothern Ecuador.
Mex05-gossamer05: Arawacus sito Fine-lined Hairstreak from west Mexico.
Mex05-gossamer06: Arawacus jada Creamy Hairstreak from west Mexico.
Mex06-06-03: Contrafacia bassania White-etched Hairstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex06-05-02: Kolana lyde/ligurina Lyde/Ligurina Hairstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps262: Satyrium titus campus Coral Hairstreak from northwest Arkansas.
leps25: Satyrium calanus - ssp? a Banded Hairstreak from my Tarrant County, North-central Texas yard that has a red cap to the blue anal spot.
leps223: Satyrium kingi King's Hairstreak from east Texas.
leps24: Satyrium liparops ssp? five Striped Hairstreaks from Tarrant County, North-central Texas.
leps229: Satyrium liparops aliparops Striped Hairstreak from central Front Range Colorado.
leps103: Satyrium polingi Poling's Hairstreaks from West Texas.
Mex06-06-02: Ocaria ocrisia Black Hairstreaks from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps90: Chlorostrymon simaethis Silver-banded Hairstreak from Hidalgo County, Texas.
leps134: Chlorostrymon telea a Telea Hairstreak (plus a C. simaethis) from Starr County, Texas.
leps81: Cyanophrys herodotus Tropical Greenstreaks from Hidalgo County, Texas.
Mex06-06-06: Cyanophrys miserabilis Clench’s Greenstreak from south Texas and southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps325: Cyanophrys goodsoni Goodson's Greenstreak from Hidalgo County, Texas - ADDED January 03, 2022.
Mex06-06-07: Cyanophrys longula Mountain Greenstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex06-06-05: Cyanophrys agricolor Stained Greenstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps256: Callophrys affinis homoperplexa Western Green (Bramble) Hairstreak from central Colodaro.
lepjuniper: Callophrys gryneus gryneus variation in the Juniper Hairstreak found in Tarrant County, with some comments on IDing C. hesseli.(not found in Tarrant County!)
leps58b: Callophrys gryneus gryneus and siva both types of Juniper Hairstreak perched next to each other from West Texas.
leps98: Callophrys mcfarlandi Sandia Hairstreaks from West Texas.
leps295: Callophrys xami texami Xami Hairstreak from southern Texas.
leps281: Callophrys irus hadros fifteen Frosted Elfins from east Texas.
leps18: Callophrys henrici ssp? a mintgreen-frosted Henry's Elfin from Tarrant County, North-central Texas - is this viridissima?.
leps141: Callophrys niphon niphon Eastern Pine Elfins from near Houston.
leps131: Allosmaitia strophius Strophius Hairstreak from Starr County, and Hidalgo county, south Texas.
Mex06-02: Arzecla arza Single-banded Groundsreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex06-05-03: Arzecla sethon Large Hairstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps49: Electrostrymon guzanta Mountain/Orange-crescent Groundstreak from Zapata County south Texas, BBNP west Texas, and from southern Tamaulipas Mexico.
leps132: Electrostrymon hugon a presumed Ruddy Hairstreak from Starr County, Texas - with text on separating E.hugon from E. guzanta.
Mex05-gossamer03: Electrostrymon sp. a female Hairstreak from western Mexico.
leps308: Ziegleria hesperitis Hesperitis or Common Groundstreak from south Texas - the first U.S. record for this taxon.
leps294: Kisutam syllis Sky-blue Groundstreak from Hidalgo County, Texas.
Mex06-05-01: Ziegleria hesperitis Common/Hesperitis Groundstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps112: Calycopis cecrops Red-banded Hairstreak from north-central Texas.

leps41: Strymon rufofusca Red-Crescent Scrub-Hairstreak from Weslaco, Texas .
leps42: Strymon bebrycia Red-lined Scrub-Hairstreak from Hidalgo County south Texas, and from southern Tamaulipas Mexico.
leps128: Strymon alea two Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreaks from Starr County, Texas.
leps43: Strymon albata two White Scrub-Hairstreaks from Hidalgo County, Texas.
leps293: Strymon yojoa two Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreaks from Hidalgo County, Texas.
leps200: Strymon serapio Bromeliad Scrub-Hairstreak found by Mike Rickard in south Texas
- the first U.S. record for this taxon .
leps202: Strymon solitario Big Bend Scrub-Hairstreak - the recently described species of Strymon near serapio/megarus that is found in southern BBNP .
leps69: Ministrymon azia Gray Ministreak - of both types - from Hidalgo County, south Texas.
Mex05-gossamer04: Theclopsis mycon Mycon Hairstreak from west Mexico.
leps292: Strephonota tephraeus three Pearly-gray Hairstreaks from Hidalgo county, south Texas.
leps311: Michaelus ira Shadowed/Ira Hairstreak from south Texas.
Mex06-06-04: Oenomaus ortygnus Aquamarine Hairstreak from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps290: Panthiades bathildis Zebra-striped Hairstreak/Cross-streak from south Texas - the third U.S. record for this taxon.
leps115: Parrhasius m-albuma White M Hairstreak from Central Texas.

Subfamily Polyommatinae (Blues):

leps67: Zizula cyna a gyrating Cyna Blue from San Ygnacio, Zapata County, Texas in May.
Mex05-gossamer02: Zizula cyna Cyna Blue from Nayarit, Mexico.
leps249: Cupido comyntas comyntas Eastern Tailed-Blue from east-central Colorado.
lepsAK0801: Celastrina lucia Northern Azure Glenn Highway, south-central Alaska.
leps169: Celastrina echo cinerea Southwestern Azure Emory Pass, southeastern New Mexico.
Mex05-gossamer01: Celastrina [echo] gozora Mexican Azure Durango Highway, Sinaloa Mexico.
Gua06-01: Celastrina [echo] gozora. Mexican Azure from southwest Guatemala in Spring.
Mex06-10: Celastrina [echo] gozora Mexican Azure from Northeast Mexico in Spring.
leps8c: Celastrina ladon Spring Azure in North-central Texas.
leps8a: Celastrina neglecta Summer Azure in North-central Texas.
leps65: Celastrina sp. an Azure from BBNP, West Texas in Spring.
leps110: Celastrina sp. two purple (trust me!) Azures from the Guadalupe Mountains or west Texas in Summer.

FL0506-01: Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri Miami Blue from the Florida Keys.
leps15: Hemiargus ceraunus astenidas three Texas Ceraunus Blues from Lake Benbrook, Tarrant county, north-central Texas.
leps253: Euphilotes ancilla barnesi Ancilla (Dotted) Bluefrom central Colorado.
leps146: Euphilotes spaldingi pinjuna Spalding's Blue south of Chama, north-central New Mexico.
leps245: Glaucopsyche lygdamus oro Silvery Blue from central Colorado.
lepsAK07: Plebejus idas alaskensis worn Northern Blues from above the treeline near Anchorage, Alaska.
leps147: Plebejus melissa melissa Melissa Blue south of Chama, north-central New Mexico; also from Colorado and Texas.
leps155: Plebejus saepiolus whitmeri Greenish Blue in the Cumbres Pass area, southernmost Colorado.
leps155b: Plebejus saepiolus amica Greenish Blue in central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps254: Plebejus icaroides lycea (pembina?) Boisduval's Blue from central Colorado.
leps53: Plebejus lupini texanus Texas Lupine Blues flying in El Paso County, west Texas in early March.
lepsAK09: Plebejus optilete yukona Cranberry Blues from above the treeline near Anchorage, Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
lepsAK08: Plebejus glandon bryanti worn Heather (Arctic) Blues from above the treeline near Anchorage, Alaska.
leps159: Plebejus glandon rustica Arctic Blue in the Cumbres Pass area, southernmost Colorado, and near Jemez Falls, northern New Mexico .
leps159b: Plebejus glandon bryanti Arctic Blue from Anchorage and Denali NP, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.


Subfamily Euselasiinae (Euselasia and relatives):

Subfamily Riodininae (true Metalmarks):

EC07-11: Mesosemia jucunda? Jucunda Eyed-Metalmark? from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex05-metal01: Mesosemia lamachus Purple-washed Eyed-Metalmark from western Mexico.
EC06-07-02: Mesosemia asa asopis Deep-blue Eyed-Metalmark from northern Ecuador.
EC06-07-03: Leucochimona lagora Lagora Metalmark from northern Ecuador.
EC06-02-05: Necyria duellona? "White-dashed" Metalmark? from northern Ecuador.
EC06-07-04: Detritivora sp. Metalmark sp. from northern Ecuador.
leps78: Calephelis nemesis a selection of Fatal Metalmarks from Texas.
leps37: Calephelis perditalis a selection of Rounded Metalmarks from South Texas.
leps338: Calephelis rawsoni a Rawson's Metalmark from Central Texas - ADDED October 11, 2020.
leps127: Calephelis rawsoni a Rawson's Metalmark from Central Texas.
leps114: Calephelis sp. (rawsoni?) a Metalmark from West Texas - probably Rawson's.
leps122: Calephelis arizonensis a presumed Arizona Metalmark from Arizona.
leps37a: Calephelis sp. (stallingsi?) a Metalmark from South Texas - it could be Stallings'.
Mex05-metal02: Calephelis sp. a Metalmark from west Mexico.
Mex06-07-05: Calephelis sp. a Metalmark from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps113: Caria ino melicerta Red-bordered Metalmark from South Texas.
Mex05-metal03: Baeotis zonata zonata Bumblebee Metalmark from west Mexico.
leps19: Lasaia sula peninsularis Blue Lasaias/Metalmarks from South Texas .
leps44: Melanis pixe pixe an "Orange-bordered Pixie" from Hidalgo County, Texas.
Mex05-metal05: Melanis cephise White-rayed Metalmark from west Mexico.
Melanis acroleuca acroleuca White-tipped Metalmark from west Mexico.
Mex06-07-01: Mesene croceella Guatemalan Metalmark from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex06-07-03: Emesis mandana furor Great Emesis from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex06-07-04: Emesis tegula Tegula Emesis from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Mex05-metal07: Emesis tenedia Falcate Emesis from west and east Mexico.
EC06-07-05: Emesis ocypore (ssp?) Dark Emesis from northern Ecuador.
Mex05-metal06: Emesis zela zela Zela Emesis from west Mexico.
leps187: Emesis emesia male and female Curve-winged Emesis from the upper LRGV .
leps 213: Apodemia duryi Dury's Metalmarks from west Texas.
leps275: Apodemia palmerii arizona Palmer's Metalmarks from west Texas.
Mex06-07-02: Apodemia hypoglauca hypoglauca Falcate Metalmark (=Sealpoint Metalmark) from southern Tamaulipas, Mexico.
leps 214: Apodemia walkeri Walker's Metalmark from south Texas.
leps97: Apodemia chisosensis Chisos Metalmark from West Texas.


Subfamily Danainae (Monarch and relatives (Tigerwings and Clearwings)):

Gua06-02: Greta annetta anneta White-spotted Clearwing from west Guatemala.
Mex05-brush01: Greta morgane morgane Rusty Clearwing from west Mexico.

Subfamily Limenitidinae (Sisters and Admirals):

leps29: Limenitis arthemis astyanax Red-spotted Purple ; a western-type from West Texas .
leps329: Limenitis arthemis rubrofasciata White Admiral from east-central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps170: Limenitis weidemeyerii angustifascia? Weidemeyer’s Admiral from southwestern New Mexico.
Mex05-brush15: Adelpha bredowii Mexican Sister from west Mexico.
leps119: Adelpha californica California Sister from San Diego County, California.
Mex05-brush16: Adelpha serpa celerio Celerio Sister from west Mexico.
leps82: Adelpha fessonia Band-celled Sister from Hidalgo county, Texas.
Mex05-brush17: Adelpha iphicleola iphicleola Iphicleola Sister from west Mexico.
EC06-04-03: Adelpha corcyra collina Corcyra Sister from northern Ecuador.
Mex05-brush18: Adelpha naxia naxia Naxia Sister from west Mexico.
Mex05-brush19: Adelpha phylaca phylaca Phylaca Sister from west Mexico.
EC06-03-06: Adelpha lycorias lycorias Rayed Sister from northern Ecuador.
EC06-03-05: Altinote dicaeus catlianira? an Actinote from northern Ecuador.
EC07-02: Altinote sp. near dicaeus catlianira? two Actinotes from southeastern Ecuador.
EC07-01: Altinote neleus a female Neleus Actinote from southeastern Ecuador.
EC06-02-06: Altinote stratonice ssp? a presumed Orange-disked Actinote from northern Ecuador.

Subfamily Heliconiinae (Actinotes, Heliconians and Fritillaries):

leps179: Dione moneta Mexican Silverspot from Hidalgo county and now Bexar county, Texas.
leps173: Eueides isabella eva Isabella's Longwing/Heliconian from south Texas
leps274: Heliconius charithonia vazquezae Zebra Longwing from west Texas; one is very orange-tinged.
Mex05-brush02: Heliconius erato cruentus Crimson-patched Longwing/Erato Heliconian from west Mexico.
leps185: Heliconius erato petiverana Crimson-patched Longwing/Erato Heliconian from south Texas .
EC07-08: Heliconius leucadia andromeda "Leucadia" Longwing from southeastern Ecuador.
EC06-04-02: Heliconius telesiphe sotericus Telesiphe Longwing from north and southeast Ecuador.
EC06-04-01: Heliconius sp. near H. melpomene cythera; an undescr. ssp/sp? Longwing sp. from north Ecuador.
EC07-07: Heliconius erato etylus "Etylus" Erato Longwing from southeastern Ecuador.
lepsAK16: Boloria alaskensis Alaskan Fritillary from near Anchorage, Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
leps323: Boloria eunomia denali Bog Fritillary from the Fairbanks/Denali area, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps324: Boloria improba youngi Dingy Fritillary from the Fairbanks area, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
Boloria selene albequina?
Silver-bordered Fritillary from Kenai Pen., Alaska.
lepsAK0805: Boloria freija freija Freija Fritillary from south-central and central Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
leps324: Boloria polaris Polaris Fritillary from central Alaska. - ADDED AUGUST 12, 2021.
lepsAK11: Boloria chariclea butleri Arctic/Purplish Fritillary from near Anchorage and also the Fairbanks/Denali area, Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 11, 2019.
leps260: Speyeria diana Diana Fritillary from northwest Arkansas.
leps259: Speyeria cybele cybele Great Spangled Fritillary from northwest Arkansas.
leps233: Speyeria aphrodite ethne Aphrodite Fritillary from central Colorado.
leps234: Speyeria idalia occidentalis Regal Fritillary from Western Missouri.
leps235: Speyeria coronis halcyone Coronis Fritillary from central Colorado .
leps232: Speyeria callippe meadii Callippe Fritillary from central Colorado .
leps167: Speyeria hesperis nausicaa Northwestern Fritillary from southwestern New Mexico.
leps165: Speyeria hesperis electa? Northwestern Fritillary? from north-central New Mexico.
lepsAK10: Speyeria mormonia bischoffi Mormon Fritillary from near Anchorage, Alaska.

Subfamily Apaturinae (Emperors):

leps2: Asterocampas Emperors (celtis; clyton) that show the "wrong" cell bar patterns!.
leps178: Doxocopa pavon Pavon Emperors male and female from Hidalgo county, Texas .
EC07-06: Doxocopa cyane (undescr. ssp?) Cyan Emperor from southeastern Ecuador.
EC06-01-03: Doxocopa laurentia thalysia? Turquoise Emperor from north Ecuador.
leps46: Doxocopa laure Silver Emperor a male from Hidalgo county, Texas, showing his normally hidden secret color!.
Mex05-brush30: Doxocopa sp. unknown Emperor sp. from west Mexico.

Subfamily Biblidinae (Exotic Brushfoots):

leps85: Biblis hyperia aganisa Red Rim from Hidalgo county, Texas.
leps38: Biblis hyperia aganisa Red Rim; two of thirty-two Red Rims from the Halff Brothers Ranch south of San Antonio, Texas.
EC07-04: Catonephele chromis Sister-spotted Banner from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex05-brush21: Eunica tatila tatila Florida Purplewing from west Mexico.
leps242: Eunica tatila tatila Florida Purplewing from south Texas.
leps174: Eunica monima Dingy Purplewing from south Texas
leps71: Myscelia ethusa Mexican Bluewing from San Antonio, Texas.
leps309.html: Hamadryas februa Gray Cracker from south Texas.
Mex05-brush22: Hamadryas februa februa Gray Cracker from west Mexico.
Mex05-brush23: Hamadryas glauconome grisea Glaucous Cracker from west Mexico.
EC06-06X-03: Hamadryas sp. near glauconome Cracker sp. near Glaucous from southwestern Ecuador.

leps87: Hamadryas guatemalena Guatemalan Cracker from Hidalgo county, Texas.
EC06-06X-02: Hamadryas sp. near iphthime Cracker sp. near Brownish from southwestern Ecuador.
Mex05-brush24: Hamadryas amphinome mazai Red Cracker from west Mexico.
leps222.html: Epiphile adrasta adrasta Common Banner from south Texas.
leps310.html: Temenis laothoe Orange Banner from south Texas - the second/third U.S. record for this taxon.
Mex05-brush26: Temenis laothoe quilapayunia Orange Banner from west Mexico.
EC06-01-05: Panacea prola Prola Panacea/Beauty from north Ecuador.
Mex05-brush25: Pyrrhogyra neaerea hypsenor Banded Banner/Leading Redring from west Mexico.
Mex05-brush27: Dynamine postverta mexicana Mexican/Four-spotted Sailor from west Mexico.
leps39: Dynamine dyonis Blue-eyed Sailor a female from San Ygnacio, Zapata county, Texas.
leps83: Dynamine dyonis Blue-eyed Sailor a male from Hidalgo county, Texas and west Mexico.

EC06-01-02: Diaethria clymena bourcieri? Widespread Eighty-eight from north Ecuador.
EC06-01-01: Perisama/Mesotaenia vaninka doris Vaninka Perisama from north Ecuador.

Subfamily Nymphalinae (True Brushfoots):

Mex05-brush20: Marpesia chiron Many-banded Daggerwing from west Mexico.
leps212: Marpesia chiron Many-banded Daggerwing from south Texas.
leps240: Marpesia petreus petreus Ruddy Daggerwing from south Texas.
EC07-05: Marpesia carinna Carinna Daggerwing from southeastern Ecuador.
leps289: Historis acheronta Tailed Cecropian from south Texas.
EC06-06X-01: Pycina zamba zamba Cloud-forest Beauty from southeastern Ecuador.
EC06-03-07: Historis odius dious Orion Cecropian from north Ecuador.
EC07-03: Baeotus beotus Graphic Beauty from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex05-brush12: Colobura dirce dirce Dirce Beauty from west Mexico.
leps86: Smyrna blomfildia a Blomfild's Beauty from Hidalgo county, Texas and west Mexico.
Mex05-brush13: Smyrna karwinskii Karwinski's Beauty from west Mexico.
EC06-02-08: Hypanartia lethe Orange Mapwing from north Ecuador.
lepsAK14: Aglais milberti (milberti?) Milbert's Tortoiseshell from near Anchorage, Alaska.
Aglais milberti ssp? Milbert's Tortoiseshell from
north-central New Mexico.
leps2b: Polygonia comma Eastern Comma/Anglewing the first records for Tarrant county (Fort Worth), Texas.
leps236: Polygonia satyrus satyrus Satyr Comma/Anglewing from central Colorado.
leps251: Polygonia gracilis zephyrus "Zephyr" Hoary Comma/Anglewing from central Colorado.

leps250: Polygonia oreas nigrozephyrus Oreas Comma/Anglewing from central Colorado.
lepsAK0802: Polygonia faunus arcticus Green Comma/Anglewing from south-central Alaska.
EC06-02-01: Anartia jatrophae ssp? White Peacock from north Ecuador.
leps39b: Anartia fatima Banded Peacock from San Ygnacio, Zapata county, Texas.
leps15b: Junonia sp. a very dark individual with characteristics somewhat resembling nigrosuffusa, from my yard in Tarrant county, Texas.
leps279: Junonia evarete nigrosuffusa Dark Buckeye from west Texas.
leps154: Thorybes mexicana nevada Mexican Cloudywing from southernmost Colorado.
leps191: Junonia sp. from the upper LRGVwith characteristics of genoveve .
Mex05-brush14: Junonia evarete Tropical Buckeye from west Mexico.
leps152: Euphydryas anicia carmentis Anicia/Variable Checkerspot from southernmost and central Colorado.
leps314: Euphydryas phaeton Baltimore Checkerspot from central Michigan.
leps255: Poladryas arachne arachne Arachne Checkerspot from central Colorado.
leps312: Poladryas minuta minuta Dotted Checkerspot from south-central Texas - UPDATED September 14, 2019.
Mex05-brush05: Chlosyne janais gloriosa Glorious Checkerspot from west Mexico.
Mex05-brush06: Chlosyne ehrenbergii White-rayed Checkerspot from west Mexico.

leps54: Chlosyne definita Definite Checkerspot/Patch flying in Kingsville in mid-March.
leps336: Chlosyne definitaDefinite Checkerspot/Patch many photos documenting an enormous flight west of Robstown, TX in late January.
- ADDED January 26, 2020.
leps56: Chlosyne endeis Banded Checkerspot/Patch from south Texas in April and November.
Mex05-brush07: Chlosyne hippodrome hippodrome Simple Checkerspot from west Mexico.
Mex05-brush08: Chlosyne rosita montana Rosita Checkerspot from west Mexico.

leps176: Chlosyne rosita browni Rosita Checkerspot/Patch from south Texas.
leps105: Chlosyne theona Theona Checkerspot from south Texas with a HW approaching that of chinatiensis .
leps96: Chlosyne fulvia Fulvia Checkerspots from West Texas.
leps228: Chlosyne damoetas damoetas Rockslide Checkerspot from central Colorado.
leps164: Chlosyne nycteis drusius Silvery Checkerspot from north-central New Mexico.
leps121: Chlosyne californica California Patch from central Arizona .
leps29b: Chlosyne lacinia Bordered Patch variants from west and south Texas .
Mex05-brush04: Microtia elva elva Elf from west Mexico.
leps93: Dymasia dymas Tiny Checkerspots from Kingsville; some melanistic.
leps94: Dymasia dymas Tiny Checkerspots from south Texas; orange marginal marks? another ID feature??.
Mex05-brush03: Texola elada hepburni Elada Checkerspot from west Mexico.
leps34: Texola elada ulrica Elada Checkerspot an unusual(?) example from South Texas.
Mex06-11-07: Eresia phillyra phillyra Longwing Crescent from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-brush11: Castilia myia/griseobasalis Mayan/Gray-based Crescent from west Mexico.
Mex06-11-05: Castilia myia/griseobasalis Mayan/Gray-based Crescent from northeastern Mexico.
EC06-03-01: Tegosa anieta anieta Black-bordered Crescent from north Ecuador.
Mex06-11-06: Tegosa anieta luka Black-bordered Crescent from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-brush09: Anthanassa ardys ardys Ardys Crescent from west Mexico.
Mex06-11-04: Anthanassa ardys ardys Ardys Crescent from northeastern Mexico.
leps2280: Anthanassa ptolyca Black/Darkened Crescent from south Texas - the third U.S. record for this taxon .

Mex06-11-02: Anthanassa argentea Chestnut Crescent from northeastern Mexico.
leps306: Anthanassa argentea Chestnut Crescent from south Texas.
Mex06-11-01: Anthanassa atronia Brown Crescent from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-brush10: Anthanassa tulcis Pale-banded Crescent from west Mexico.
Mex06-11-03: Anthanassa sp. Crescent sp. - a head-scratcher from northeastern Mexico.
leps108: Phyciodes picta Painted Crescents from Big Bend, west Texas.
leps107: Phyciodes mylitta Mylitta Crescents from Guadalupe Mountains, west Texas.
leps20: Phyciodes phaon Phaon Crescent a distinctive aberrant individual from South Texas .
leps237: Phyciodes coctya selenis Northern Crescent from central Colorado.
leps157: Phyciodes pulchella camillus Field Crescent from southernmost Colorado.
leps328: Phyciodes pulchella tutchone Field Crescent from east-central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps286: Phyciodes graphica Vesta Crescent in flight from Western Texas.

Subfamily Charaxinae (Leafwings and relatives):

Mex05-brush28: Consul fabius cecrops Tiger-striped Leafwing from west Mexico.
leps28b: Anaea aidea Tropical Leafwing from South Texas.
leps230: Fountainea glycerium glycerium Angled Leafwing from south Texas.
leps84: Memphis pithyusa Pale-spotted Leafwings two females from Hidalgo county, Texas - UPDATED January 15, 2018.
EC06-01-04: Anaeinid sp. Leafwing sp. from north Ecuador.
Mex05-brush29: Archaeoprepona demophon occidentalis One-spotted Prepona from west Mexico.

Subfamily Morphinae (Morphos and Owl Butterflies):

EC07-10: Antirrhea philoctetes (lindigii?) Northern Antirrhea/Common Brown Morpho from southeastern Ecuador.
EC07-09: Morpho achilles Achilles Morpho from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex05-brush31: Morpho polyphemus polyphemus White Morpho from west Mexico.
EC06-03-08: Morpho sp. Morpho sp. from from north Ecuador.
EC06-03-09: Dynastor strix. apparently a very rare and local species from north Ecuador.
Mex05-brush32: Opsiphanes boisduvallii Orange Owl-butterfly from west Mexico.

Subfamily Satyrinae (Satyrs):

EC06-05-09: Pierella luna luna? Moon Satyr? from north Ecuador.
Mex05-satyr01: Manataria hercyna maculata White-spotted Satyr from west Mexico.
leps91: Lethe portlandia Southern Pearly-eye flying in San Jacinto and Jasper counties.
leps263: Lethe anthedon anthedon Northern Pearly-eye from northwest Arkansas.
leps73: Lethe creola Creole Pearly-eye flying in San Jacinto county.
EC06-02-02: Altopedaliodes pasicles? from 13,700 feet in the eastern Andes of northern Ecuador.
leps158: Coenonympha tullia ochracea Common Ringlet from southernmost Colorado.
lepsAK17: Coenonympha tullia kodiak Common Ringlet from near Anchorage, Alaska.
leps325: Coenonympha tullia mixturata Common Ringlet from Fairbanks, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
EC06-02-04: Oressinoma typhla Typhla Satyr from north Ecuador.
EC06-05-08: Caeruleuptychia scopulata? Scopulata Satyr? from north Ecuador.
Mex06-08: Cyllopsis hedemanni tamaulipensis Stub-tailed Gemmed-Satyr from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-satyr03: Cyllopsis suivalenoides Big-eyed Gemmed-Satyr from from west b.
leps120: Cyllopsis pyracmon henshawi Nabokov's Gemmed-Satyr from SE Arizona.
Cyllopsis pyracmon henshawi form nabokovi Nabokov's Gemmed-Satyr from west Mexico.

leps109: Cyllopsis pertepida avicula Canyonland Gemmed-Satyr from Guadalupe Mountains .
leps116: Cyllopsis gemma freemani Freeman's Gemmed-Satyr, two from south of San Antonio; presumed to be freemani.
Gua06-03: Cyllopsis nelsoni Yellow-striped Gemmed-Satyr from
southwest Guatemala.
leps74: Megisto cymela/viola Little/Viola's Wood-Satyr from east of Houston, in mid-May; which form is it? .
leps285: Megisto rubricata smithorum Red Satyr from west Texas.
Mex05-satyr05: Euptychia fetna Orange-patched Satyr from west Mexico.
EC06-06X-04: Hermeuptychia hermes Hermes Satyr from southeast Ecuador.
leps201: Hermeuptychia hermes/sosybius Hermes/Carolina Satyr from south Texas.
EC06-06-03: Forsterinaria inornata Inornata Satyr from north Ecuador.
Mex05-satyr02: Cissia themis Two-pupil Satyr from west Mexico.
EC06-06-01: Magneuptychia libye? Libye or Blue-gray Satyr? at c. 11,000 feet? from northern Ecuador.
EC06-06X-05: Taygetis thamrya Thamrya/Andromeda Satyr from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex05-satyr06: Taygetis uncinata Hook-lined Satyr from west Mexico.
Mex05-satyr07: Taygetis weymeri Mexican Satyr from west Mexico.
leps153: Erebia epipsodea brucei Common Alpine from southernmost Colorado.
leps226: Erebia magdalena Magdalena Alpine from central Colorado.
leps320: Erebia rossii Ross's Alpine from central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps321: Erebia theano Theano Alpine from central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps322: Erebia (dabanensis) youngi Four-dotted/Young's Alpine from central Alaska. - UPDATED JULY 20, 2019.
leps227: Oeneis melissa lucilla Melissa Arctic from central Colorado.
leps149: Oeneis chryxus altacordillera Chryxus Arctic from southernmost Colorado.
leps150: Oeneis uhleri uhleri Uhler's Arctic from southernmost Colorado.
leps315: Oeneis tanana Tanana Arctic from north of Healy (southwest of Fairbanks), Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps316: Oeneis polixenes? this Arctic from the tundra near Tangle Lakes (south of Fairbanks), Alaska is either polixenes or an unusual bore (White-veined) that completely lacks white veins... - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps317: Oeneis bore White-veined Arctic from the Fairbanks/Denali NP area, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps318: Oeneis jutta Jutta Arctic from the Fairbanks/Denali NP area, Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps181: Cercyonis meadii Mead's Wood-Nymph, three from the Davis Mtns, Texas .
leps252: Cercyonis oetus charon Small Wood-Nymph, two from central Colorado.
EC06-06-05: Corades medeba Medeba Satyr from north Ecuador.
EC06-03-03: Corades medeba? from north Ecuador.
EC06-03-04: Corades ulema Ulema Satyr from north Ecuador.

EC06-05-05: Eretris sp. - maybe two taxa? from north Ecuador.
EC06-02-03: Lasiophila orbifera Orbifera Satyr from northeast Ecuador.
EC06-02-07: Lymanapoda acraeida? Acraeida Satyr? from northeast Ecuador.
EC06-05-04: Lymanapoda obsoleta Obsoleta Satyr from northeast Ecuador.

EC06-06-06: Lymanapoda labda one of two new ssp.? Labda Satyr from northeast Ecuador.
EC06-06X-06: Oxeoschistus [pronax] protogenia Protogenia Satyr from southeastern Ecuador.
Mex06-01: Oxeoschistus tauropolis Yellow-patched Satyr/Star Oxeo from northeastern Mexico.
EC06-02-02: Altopedaliodes tena Tena Satyr from north b.
EC06-05-06: Panyapedaliodes tomentosa Tomentosa Satyr from north Ecuador.
EC06-06X-07: Pedaliodes ferratilis Ferratilis Satyr from southeastern Ecuador.
EC06-06-04: Pedaliodes manis Manis Satyr from north Ecuador.
EC06-05-01: Pedaliodes near manis? from north Ecuador.
Gua06-04: Pedaliodes napaea? Napaea Satyr? from southwestern Guatemala.
EC06-06X-08: Pedaliodes pelinna Pelinna Satyr from southeastern Ecuador.
EC06-06-02: Pedaliodes peucestas Peucestas Satyr from north Ecuador.
Pedaliodes sp. from north Ecuador.

EC06-05-07: Pedaliodes sp? a large taxon from north Ecuador.
EC06-05-02: Manerebia germaniae? Germania Satyr? from north Ecuador.


Subfamily Eudaminae (Spreadwing Skippers):

leps21b: Phocides palemon Guava Skipper from South Texas.
FL0506-03: Phocides pigmalion okeechobee Mangrove Skipper from south Florida.
Mex06-04-01: Phocides urania urania Urania Skipper (=Rainbow Skipper/Teal Beamer) : from northeastern Mexico.
leps264: Proteides mercurius mercurius Mercurial Skipper from south Texas.

leps204: Epargyreus clarus huachuca "Arizona" Silver-spotted Skipper from southwest New Mexico .
Mex05-skip1-04: Epargyreus aspina Spineless Silverdrop from west Mexico.
Mex05-skip1-05: Polygonus leo arizonensis Hammock Skipper from west Mexico.
leps92: Chioides zilpa Zilpa Longtails from San Antonio and Falcon Lake, Texas .
leps199: Chioides zilpa a weird-looking Zilpa-type from south Texas
leps267: Aguna metophis Long-tailed Aguna from south Texas.
Mex05-skip1-06: Typhedanus undulatus Mottled Longtail from west Mexico.
leps32: Codatractus sp. probable White-crescent Mottled-Skipper from south Texas, with tentative ID comments .
leps62b: Codatractus arizonensis Arizona Mottled-Skipper from West Texas.
Mex05-skip1-07: Codatractus sps. Mottled-Skipper sps. two from west Mexico; one looks closest to C. melon.
Mex06-12: Urbanus viterboana Bluish Longtail? possibly this taxon from northeast Mexico.
Mex05-skip1-09: Urbanus pronta? Spot-banded Longtail? from west Mexico.
leps271: Urbanus evona Turquoise Longtail from south Texas. - the second/third U.S. record for this taxon .
Mex05-skip1-08: Urbanus doryssus chales White-tailed Longtail from west Mexico.
leps45: Urbanus sp. an odd-looking (to me) Longtail sp. from Hidalgo County, Texas.
leps21c: Astraptes fulgerator Two-barred Flasher from South Texas.
leps64: Astraptes fulgerator a Two-barred Flasher from South Texas that looks a bit odd....
leps194: Astraptes alector a Gilbert's Flasher from south Texas
leps270: Astraptes anaphus anneta Yellow-tipped Flasher from south Texas.
Mex05-skip2-01: Autochton cellus Golden Banded-Skippers from west Mexico; one has VERY thick bands...
leps62c: Autochton cincta Chisos Banded-Skipper from West Texas.
Mex05-skip2-02: Autochton cincta Chisos Banded-Skippers from west Mexico.
leps29c: Achalarus casica Desert Cloudywing from West Texas.
leps282: Thessia jalapus Jalapus Cloudywing from south Texas.

leps278: Thorybes pylades albosuffusa "White-frosted" Northern Cloudywing from west Texas.
leps154: Thorybes mexicana nevada Mexican Cloudywing from southernmost Colorado.
leps196: Cabares potrillo a Potrillo Skipper from south Texas .
leps106: Cogia hippalus an Acacia Skipper from Presidio county, west Texas.
Mex05-skip2-05: Cogia caicus moschus Gold-costa Skipper from west Mexico.
Mex05-skip2-03: Ocyba calathana calanus Yellow-rimmed Scarlet-eye from west Mexico.

Subfamily Pyrginae (Spreadwing Skippers):

Mex05-skip1-01: Chalypyge chalybea chloris Orange-rimmed Skipper from west Mexico.
Mex05-skip1-02: Elbella scylla Scylla Firetip from west Mexico.
Mex05-skip1-03: Mysoria amra Blue-collared Firetip from west Mexico.

Mex05-skip2-04: Celaenorrhinus stola Stola Flat from west Mexico.
leps307: Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri Fritzgaertner's Flat from southern Texas.

leps296: Arteurotia tractipennis tractipennis Starred Skipper from southern Texas.
Mex06-04-05: Noctuana lactifera bipuncta Cryptic Skipper from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-skip2-06: Noctuana stator Red-studded Skipper from west and northeast Mexico.
Mex06-04-11: Bolla brennus brennus Obscure Sootywing (= Obscure Bolla) from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-skip2-07: Bolla sp. from west Mexico.
leps101: Staphylus ceos Golden-headed Sootywing/Scallopwing from West Texas.
Mex06-04-12: Staphylus mazans Mazans Sootywing (=Mazan's Scallopwing) from northeastern Mexico.
leps203: Pholisora mejicanus Mexican Sootywing - ? - from west Texas .

Mex05-skip2-08: Gorgythion begga pyralina/vox Variegated/Crab's-claw Skipper from west Mexico.
Mex06-04-04: Sostrata nordica Blue-studded Skipper from northeastern Mexico.
Mex06-04-08: Mylon lassia Bold Mylon from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-skip3-02: Mylon pelopidas Pale Mylon from West Mexico.
leps189: Grais stigmaticus a Hermit Skipper from Hidalgo county, Texas .
leps21: Timochares ruptifasciatus Brown-banded Skipper from South Texas.
Mex05-skip3-04: Timochares t. trifasciata Many-banded Skipper from West Mexico.
Mex05-skip3-05: Chiomara mithrax Mithrax Duskywing from West Mexico.
FL0506-02: Ephyriades brunneus Florida Duskywing from south Florida.
leps29d: Erynnis meridianus Meridian Duskywing from West Texas.
leps261: Erynnis martialis Mottled Duskywing from northwest Arkansas .
leps284: Erynnis persius fredericki Persius Duskywing from central Colorado.
leps327: Erynnis persius avinoffi Persius Duskywing from east-ccentral Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps63: Erynnis sp. Duskywings from West Texas.
leps68: Erynnis sp. two more Duskywings from South-central Texas.

Mex06-04-09: Achlyodes pallida Pale Sicklewing from northeastern Mexico.
Mex06-04-06: Zera hyacinthinius hyacinthinus Bruised Skipper from northeastern Mexico.
Mex05-skip3-01: Quadrus cerialis Common Blue-Skipper from west Mexico.
Mex06-04-02: Quadrus l. lugubris Tanned Blue-Skipper from northeastern Mexico.

Mex06-04-03: Paches polla Polla Blue-Skipper from northeastern Mexico.
Carrhenes f. fuscescens Tanned Hoary-Skipper from west Mexico.
leps50: Carrhenes canescens a Hoary Skipper from Zapata County, south Texas and northeastern Mexico.
leps180: Xenohpanes tryxus a Glassy-winged Skipper from Hidalgo county, Texas and west Mexico
Mex06-04-07: Onenses hyalophora Crystal-winged Skipper from northeastern Mexico.
Mex06-04-10: Antigonus nearchus Large Spurwing from northeastern Mexico.
Antigonus erosus Common Spurwing from west Mexico.
leps33: Systasea zampa?? an apparent Arizona Powdered-Skipper from South Texas.
leps29e: Systasea zampa Arizona Powdered-Skipper from West Texas.
leps102: Celotes sp. Streaky-Skippers - probably C. limpia Scarce Streaky-Skipper - from West Texas.
leps246: Pyrgus centaureae loki Grizzled Skipper from central Colorado.
leps28c: Pyrgus albescens possible White Checkered Skippers from North Texas.
leps138: Heliopyrgus domicella domicella Erichson's White-Skippers from Starr and Hidalgo counties, Texas.
leps133: Heliopyrgus sublinea East-Mexican White-Skippers (plus E. domicella Erichson's) from Starr and Hidalgo counties, Texas.

Subfamily Heteropterinae (Skipperlings):

lepsAK15: Carterocephalus palaemon skada Arctic Skipperling from Alaska.
Mex05-skip4-01: Dalla dividuum Dyar's Skipperling from west Mexico.
leps239: Piruna pirus Russet Skipperling from central Front Range Colorado.
leps62: Piruna haferniki Chisos Skipperlings from West Texas.

Subfamily Hesperiinae (Grass-Skippers):

leps40: Perihares adela Green-backed Ruby-Eyes from Los Ebanos Reserve, Cameron county, and also Hidalgo county, south Texas .

leps291: Megathymus yuccae reinthali Yucca Giant-Skipper from Travis and Blanco counties, Texas.
leps299: Megathymus streckeri texana Strecker's Giant-Skipper from Blanco county, Texas.
leps337: Agathymus aryxna Arizona Giant-Skippers from S.E. Arizona.

leps77: Ancyloxypha arene Tropical Least Skipper from South-central Texas.
leps160: Oarisma garita garita Garita Skipperling from northern New Mexico and southernmost Colorado.
leps76: Oarisma edwardsii Edwards' Skipperlings from West Texas.

Mex05-skip4-05: Carystoides sp. (possibly new) Ruby-eye sp. from west Mexico.
leps137: Panoquina panoquin Salt Marsh Skipper from Jefferson county, Texas.
leps269: Panoquina panoquinoides panoquinoides Obscure Skipper from south-central Texas.
leps198: Panoquina hecebolus Hecebolus Skipper from south Texas .
leps210: three Panoquinas that are probably P. lucas Purple-washed Skipper - but can hecebolus be excluded?
leps129: Panoquina lucas Purple-washed Skipper from Starr county, Texas.
leps139: Panoquina evansi Evans' Skipper from Cameron and Hidalgo counties, Texas in February.
lepPano1: a selection of Panoquinas from Tarrant County, north-central Texas - there is disagreement among the experts on the ID of these bugs; some feel they are all ocola, others feel sure that #2) is lucas, and one is sure that #3) is either lucas or hecebola.

Mex06-03-01: Zenis jebus hemizona Purple-stained Skipper from northeastern Mexico.

leps231: Synapte pecta Northern Faceted-Skipper/Malicious Skipper from south Texas.
Mex05-skip4-02: Synapte syraces Bold Faceted-Skipper from west Mexico.

leps338: Corticea corticea Redundant Skipper from south Texas in 2017 - ADDED October 11, 2020.

Mex06-03-02: Remella remus Black-spot Remella from northeastern Mexico.
Mex06-03-03: Remella rita Rita's Remella from northeastern Mexico.
leps99: Amblyscirtes cassus Cassus Roadside-Skipper from West Texas.
leps100: Amblyscirtes texanae Texas Roadside-Skipper from West Texas.
leps75b: Amblyscirtes aenus erna Bronze Roadside-Skipper from West Texas.
leps123: Amblyscirtes aenus erna Bronze Roadside-Skipper from West Texas.
leps142: Amblyscirtes hegon Pepper and Salt (Roadside-)Skipper from easternmost Texas.
leps143: Amblyscirtes aesculapius Lace-winged Roadside-Skipper from easternmost Texas .
leps75: Amblyscirtes nereus Slaty Roadside-Skippers from West Texas.

leps117: Amblyscirtes nysa Nysa Roadside-Skipper from south Texas.
leps27: Amblyscirtes eos Dotted Roadside-Skipper from my ex-yard in Tarrant County, north-central Texas.
leps55: Amblyscirtes alternata Dusky Roadside-Skipper - a new population from Frio County, south-central Texas.
leps219: Amblyscirtes vialis Common Roadside-Skipper - from North-central Texas.
leps124: Amblyscirtes celia Celia's Roadside-Skippers- variation from south Texas.
leps111: Amblyscirtes belli Bell's Roadside-Skipper - variation f rom in and around my ex-yard in Tarrant County, North-central Texas.
Mex05-skip4-03: Amblyscirtes toltec toltec Toltec Roadside-Skipper from west Mexico.
leps118: Amblyscirtes toltec prenda Toltec Roadside-Skipper from Arizona; the northernmost record yet.
leps75d: Amblyscirtes phylace Orange-headed Roadside-Skipper from West Texas.
leps297: Amblyscirtes fimbriata fimbriata Orange-edged Roadside-Skipper from Arizona.
leps268: Vidius perigenes Pale-rayed Skipper from south Texas..
leps265: Monca crispinus Violet-patched Skipper from south Texas.
leps140: Cymaenes trebius Fawn-spotted Skippers from south Texas.
leps216: Mnasilus allubita Butler's Skipper from south Texas - the first U.S. record for this genus .
Mex05-skip4-04: Moeris striga stroma Flag Skipper from west Mexico.
leps186: Lerema liris Liris Skipper; a female from Starr county, Texas .
EC06-09-02: Vettius coryna ssp? Silver-plated Skipper from northern Ecuador.

leps21d: Decinea percosius Double-dotted Skipper from South Texas.
leps72: Oligoria maculata Twin-spot Skipper flying in Humble, Houston, in mid-May.
leps326: Hesperia comma manitoba Common Branded Skipper from central Alaska. - ADDED JULY 11, 2019.
leps335: Hesperia colorado Western Branded Skipper from northern New Mexico. - ADDED September 20, 2019.
leps28: Hesperia uncas uncas? Uncas Skipper from North Texas.
leps126: Hesperia woodgatei Apache Skippers (central Texas segregate) from Central Texas .
leps303: Hesperia ottoe Ottoe Skipper from North Texas.
leps61: Hesperia pahaska williamsi Pahaska Skippers from West Texas .
leps1: Hesperia metea licinus Cobweb Skipper - the first from Tarrant County (Fort Worth, north-central Texas) for 20+ years.
leps247: Hesperia viridis Green Skipper from south-central and westernTexas.
leps224: Hesperia meskei meskei Meske's Skipper from east Texas.
leps333: Hesperia attalus attalus Dotted Skipper from north Texas - ADDED September 14, 2019.
leps243: Hesperia nevada nevada Nevada Skipper from central Colorado.
leps182: Polites carus Carus Skippers; two from Balmorhea Lake, west Texas
leps156: Polites draco Draco Skipper from New Mexico and Colorado.
leps258: Polites themistocles themistocles Tawny-edged Skipper from central Colodaro.
leps7: Polites vibex preaeceps Whirlabout; a female from South Texas.
leps145: Polites vibex vibex or brettoides? Whirlabout? an unusual example from eastern Texas, or something else?
leps125: Wallengrenia otho clavius 'Pale' Southern Broken-Dash; an oddly-marked example from south Texas.
leps287: Wallengrenia egeremet Northern Broken-Dash; from eastern Texas.
leps241: Pompeius verna sequoyah Little Glassywing; from San Jacinto county, Texas.
Mex05-skip4-06: Pompeius pompeius Pompeius Skipper/Common Glassywing from west and northeast Mexico.
leps304: Atryone arogos Arogos Skipper from North Texas.
leps225: Problema byssus Byssus Skipper from northeast Texas.
leps163: Poanes taxiles Taxiles Skipper from New Mexico.
leps135: Poanes aaroni bordeloni Aaron's Skipper from Jefferson county, Texas.
leps104: Poanes yehl Yehl Skipper from San Jacinto and Angelina counties, Texas.
leps61b: Poanes melane vitellina "Mexican" Umber Skipper from Big Bend, west Texas.
leps61c: Stinga morrisoni Morrison's Skipper from West Texas
Mex05-skip4-07: Paratryone spp.; maybe Snowball-spotted Skipper and Raspa Skipper? four individuals from highland west Mexico.
leps130: Quasimellana eulogius Common Mellana; male and female from Starr and Hidalgo counties, Texas.
leps75c: Notamblyscirtes simius Simius Skipper from West Texas.
leps136: Euphyes bayensis Bay Skipper from Jefferson county, Texas.
leps283: Euphyes dion Dion Skipper from Tarrant county, Texas.
leps332: Euphyes dion Dion Skippers from Hemphill county, Texas - a significant westwards range extension - ADDED September 14, 2019.
FL0506-04: Asbolis capucinus Monk Skipper from south Florida.
leps266: Conga chydaea Hidden-ray Skipper from south Texas..
leps60: Atrytonopsis vierecki Viereck's Skipper from West Texas.
leps60b: Atrytonopsis pittacus White-barred Skipper from West Texas.
leps59: Atrytonopsis edwardsii Sheep Skippers from West Texas.
leps59b: Atrytonopsis python Python Skipper from West Texas.
leps195: Nyctelius nyctelius Violet-banded Skippers from south Texas .
Mex05-skip4-08: Vacerra litana Litana Skipper/Common Vacerra from west Mexico.

leps47: a Grass Skipper sp. from Hidalgo County, Texas, that I need help with.
leps177: another Grass Skipper sp. from Hidalgo County, Texas, that I need help with
leps188: yet another Grass Skipper sp. from Hidalgo County, Texas, that I need help with
EC06-09-01: a Grass Skipper sp. from northern Ecuador; it is reminiscent of Pompeius pomeius, but more "faceted".

Selected Moths:
four micromoths from El Paso, Texas .
Phaloesia saucia a Saucy Beauty from south Texas
Alypiodes bimaculata a presumed Two-spotted Forester from west Texas.
Alypiodes octomaculata an Eight-spotted Forester from south Texas.
leps272.html: Androloma disparata Disparate Foresters from south Texas and west Texas.
Aellopos Sphinx Moths - all three Texas species from south Texas.
an Aellopos Sphinx Moth that could be A. tantalus - a species not yet documented from Texas.
Erinnyis obscura a presumed Obscure Sphinx Moth from south Texas .

leps208.html: Horama pathalong texana Texas Wasp Moth from south Texas.
leps207.html: Macrocneme chrysitis Southern Cyan Wasp Moth from south Texas.
leps205.html: Cosmosoma myrodora a Scarlet-bodied Wasp Moth from south Texas.
leps206.html: Syntomeida melanthus a Black-banded Wasp Moth from south Texas.
leps218.html: Ascalapha odorata Black Witch from south Texas; a gorgeous section of the wing....
leps277.html: Urania fulgens Urania Moth from south Texas.
leps305.html: Dysschema howardi Northern Giant Flag Moth from west Texas.
leps334.html: Melittia gloriosai Glorious Squash Vine Borer Moth from north Texas- ADDED September 14, 2019.