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These presumed definitive alternate Cantabrican Gulls (Larus michahellis lusitanius) are by Dick Newell, who says: "Adults: relative to michahellis in the Mediterranean, Cantabrican Gull is, on average, "cuter", slimmer, shorter legged and possibly slightly paler. Relative to argenteus it has a long rear attenuation, bright yellow legs, red eye-ring, is possibly slightly darker and has a similar wing-tip pattern to michahellis. Relative to graellsii and intermedius (direct comparisons), usually slightly larger. A large calling flock sounds like a mixture of graellsii and argenteus - both lower and higher pitched calls.":
Dick's comment: "adult Cantabrican Gull. In the field, this bird's legs were obviously yellow, but with pinkish webs.":