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These presumed first-basic Cantabrican Gulls (Larus michahellis lusitanius) are by Dick Newell, who says: "1st winter/basic: intermediate between argenteus and michahellis. Often dirtier/dingier than michahellis (also true for 2nd basic), particularly the underparts and head and the base of the tail is often not as clean. Wing translucency confined to inner primaries only - as michahellis. Some birds present were very similar to Mediterranean michahellis, which is possibly what they were.":
Dick's comments on these two birds: "Typical in that they look intermediate between michahellis and argenteus; could be difficult to pick out amongst similar argenteus":

Dick says about the following two birds: "These two birds are more similar to Mediterranean michahellis than the majority of 1st winters seen, and they may indeed be this form. Note the white-headedness, bulkyness, longish legs, white base to tail, large creamy-grey bases to scapulars and lack of "cuteness"".