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This presumed Adult Western Gull (Larus occidentalis occidentalis?) was photographed at Vernon (Okanagan Valley), British Columbia, on February 6, 1999 by Don Cecile. There are no previous records of WEGU for this area, and inland records of this form are extremely rare (although Don states that a few presumed GWGUxWEGU are recorded each winter along with increasing numbers of pure GWGUs). Don comments: "The iris is brown, the orbital ring is red, the mantle appeared to match the shade of that of California Gull, the bill dimensions seemed similar to that of Herring, the upper mandible had a black triangular patch above the red gonys,the bird is in alternate plumage on the date of Feb 6 and is the only bird in that plumage at this time." The identification as WEGU is not Don's but my own; I would appreciate receiving any comments about this bird:
  On the right,
with HEGUs.

In the image below, the bird is top-left, with HEGUs and a CAGU bottom-right: