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These first-basic Yellow-legged Gulls (Larus michahellis) were photographed by Chris Gibbins at Palma, Majorca, Spain on December 1999; Chris writes about this first bird: "A very striking individual. Note the solid bill; it is rather short, robust and has a marked gonys. There is a marked contrast between the bird's black bill and its white head. At this time of year, many first winter michahellis have a contrasting, extensive yellow tip to the bill. On some, the bill appears hook-tipped. Also note the rather convex forehead and square nape (individuals in resting mode). The bird's upperparts are classically three toned, with (i) the mantle and scapulars showing numerous grey feathers, (ii) any unmoulted juvenile wing coverts looking worn and brown, and (iii) black primaries. This three-toned appearance is particularly noticeable at distance. By December, the juvenile tertials of michahellis are rather worn (some would have already been replaced) and so are of little use in identification.":

and here is a slightly more heavily-marked individual: