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This adult LBBG-type was photographed at Corpus Christi Landfill, Nueces County, Texas on April 01, 2006:

It was one of the largest LBBG-types I recall seeing in Texas; slightly larger than an average Smith. HERG:

The overall size indicates that it is a male; yet it has one medium-sized mirror on each P10 that is well-separared from the tip by a black band, and one tiny mirror-spot on P9 of the right wing only, and there is black to P4 on the left wing. Perhaps this may be due to the bird being a 4th or 5th cycle bird - there are a few very faint light brown crescents on some underwing coverts plus black marks on the outermost upperwing primary coverts that might suggest that this is a not-fully-adult bird. However it is interesting to note that this primary pattern (black to P4 and mirror on P10 only that is well-separated from the tip) and the presence of black marks in the primary coverts are two typical features of the taxon heuglini (which also averages larger than graellsi/intermedius in overall size). Also this bird has a rather thick white trailing edge to the secondaries - again typical of heuglini but odd for an adult LBBG graellsii - especially if this bird is not fully-adult: