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These two rather different definitive-alternate Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus fuscus graellsii?) were photographed by Martin Reid at La Marque, Texas on 3rd of April, 2000. This first bird is fairly typical of most birds seen on the Texas coast, in that it is just slightly darker than nearby Laughing Gulls ( at the same angle); it has two primary mirrors (the one on P10 being large and close to the tip), large white apical spots on the primaries, black on six outer primaries, and the tail tip is at a point half-way between the apical spots of P6 and P7 (not visible in the photos but noted in the field) - thus a good match for graellsii, albeit a slightly dark one:

This second bird was seen to be clearly darker that LAGUs at the same angle, has only one small mirror on P10 that is well-separated from the tip, small white apical spots on the primaries, black on seven outer primaries, and the tail tip is level with the apical spot of P6 - thus a good match for intermedius: ; note in the image below that there is no white inner border on the inner web of the black subterminal band on P6 - apparently most heuglini have such a white border, while most graellsii/intermedius do not:

although this bird has a small amount of black on the bill, it may still be a full adult (one LBBG that wintered on the Texas coast for 10+ years always had some black on its bill).

The eye was palish, but duller than on a normal LBBG (orbital ring red)