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These two apparent Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus fuscus graellsii) were photographed at La Marque Race Track, Texas on March 24, 1999 by Martin Reid. This first bird has a mantle tone rather like a graellsii (mantle tone similar to nearby Laughing Gulls) close to reaching Alternate plumage - but the head shape looks very rounded for graellsii, the apical spots are very small, the small P10 mirror is separated from the tip by a black band equal to the size of the mirror, and the eye is clearly flecked with dark - these are all features of heuglini:

This second bird is rather different, being noticably darker than nearby Laughing Gulls and at least one year from being an adult; aging this bird is not straightforward, as the pinkish-yellow legs, fairly uniform upperparts, and white tail point to 3rd-Basic/Alternate - yet the pinkish tone in the heavily black-tipped bill plus the dark eye and possible absence of primary mirrors (but check the bottom image) suggest a younger bird. All but two or three of the greater coverts seem to be missing, as most of the actual secondaries are visible - a very odd situation for graellsii in March, but one commonly seen in heuglini (see my subadult photos from Bahrain); I also feel the head shape is rather unusual (gently rounded) for graellsii. As some of you may have noticed, this is in fact Bird B) from the heuglini vs graellsii quiz I ran a year ago; only 3 out of 20+ entries selected this bird as the non-heuglini, and two of those admitted to using the similarities in ground strata in images A), C) and D) to target this bird!: