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This presumed first cycle Kelp Gull (Larus dominicus) was photographed at Quintana (base of jetty and also further south past the fishing pier) on December 19, 2008; an adult Kelp Gull was found by Ron Weeks at the same location in early November (and seen December 19 a few miles to the north). Note the following features:-
- size (a bit smaller than AMHE);
- shortish, thick, all-dark bill;
- thick neck and somewhat large head with slightly flattened forecrown;
- broad-based wings;
- white underparts with limited dark markings that are more spot/blotch-shaped than streak-shaped;
- second-generation scaps that are mid-gray with a dark wedge centered on the shaft and some with thin, faint subterminal anchor marks;
- virtually all-dark tail (from above) contrasting with the white background of the uppertail coverts and rump:

in the image below, compare the bill shape of the presumed 1C KEGU to that of the 1C AMHE in front of it:

note in the images above and below the dull ochre tone to the legs compared to AMHE, and the grayish area above the "knee":