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Here are some images by Simon Thompson of what I presume to be heuglini-types:

A) from Bhutan in October 2004; location would suggest taimyrensis rather than heuglini:

B) Barrow landfill, northernmost Alaska, early June 2006; FYI the distance as the gull flies from the western base of the Taimyr Peninsula (heuglini breeds from this point westwards; taimyrensis breeds on the actual peninsula) to Barrow, AK is the same as that from Barrow to the Washington/Oregon border, or from Barrow to the center of Greenland... i.e. not very far for a migratory gull, and closer than any known population of graellsii/intermedius LBBG:

Keep in mind that the other gulls in these pics are Glaucous Gulls- i.e. larger than HERG:

C) a 2nd bird from Barrow landfill, northernmost Alaska, early June 2006: