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This gull was at Elliot Landfill, Corpus Christi, Texas on February 17, 2005; I feel that it is likely a first-winter Vega Gull Larus {argentatus} vegae, even though the tail is not towards the extreme end for that taxon, and is matched by a small number of western smithsonianus HERGs. I'd appreciate feedback/other suggestions - thanks:
I first found it accidentally, while photographing the putative Yellow-legged Gull on the left:

Note the rather pale underwing coverts, and in all the flight images, a long, white line across the upper marginal coverts on the inner wing - the Ujihara's in Japan have previosuly told me that this is a classic mark of vegae that they feel is not found in smithsonianus:

note the strong white marks on the greater secondary coverts extend to the outermost of those coverts:

In the image below, note the inset at bottom-left:- the typical HERG "holly-leaf" pattern is present, but I've noticed that vegae has a slight variation that I cannot find in smithsonianus - the white indent pointed-to by line "X" has a rounded, not pointed inner edge, creating a subtly different feel to these lower scaps: