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This gull was at the Elliot Landfill, Corpus Christi, Texas on January 14, 2005; it was the size of a small-medium smithsonianus HERG - i.e. smaller than most but larger than some:

Note the thick-based bill, longish neck, short and broad folded primaries, and replaced median and lesser coverts on the left wing:

When first-cycle gulls molt-in replacement feather that mimic the adult-type feather color, they often look darker due to a brown component that is absent from the adult feathers. Nontheless, in direct comparison with many Laughing Gulls at the same angle to the Sun, I'd judge the "gray" on these replacement feathers to have been either the same shade as lighter LAGUs, or slightly paler - it was paler than many average -toned LAGUs:

note the numerous replaced wing coverts on the right wing also - including some central and outer ones:

note the narrowness of the undertail covert bars:

NOTE: the inner primaries that are a bit paler on both webs, and the pale centers to many of the underwing coverts/axillaries (a few of which are barred); also the quite broad-based, rather blunt-looking wings. The tail pattern is too dark for michahellis, but fine for LBBG and atlantis:

note how the mantle/back is paler than the rest of the upperparts: