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This gull showing features of Tundra/Siberian Gull Larus [fuscus?] heuglini/taimyrensis was photographed at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in July 2001 by Karl Bardon:-

Note the dark eye, and gently-rounded head shape:

note in the image below that although the lower head creates the impression of a smaller bird, the dark-backed gull is bigger in body bulk than the adjacent apparent HERG-type bird:

note the very small white apical tips, and very short tail - not reaching the apical spot of P6 - this is way too short for graellsii, and even intermedius - but fine for heuglini:

The HERG-type it seems to be paired with may itself actually be the offspring of a HERG with a (larger) Glaucous Gull - note the paleness of the undersides of the far primaries. GLGU is the dominant species at this location, and apparently most of the few HERG-types seen at Prudhoe show signs of GLGU in them:

Note the lack of black in the primary coverts (thus should be fully-adult), the rather small mirrors on P9 and P10, the black extending inwards to P3, and the white crescents inside the subapical black on P5, P6, and partially on P7: