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New images from December 6 2002 are on this page.
New images from November 30 2002 are on this page.
This gull was at the Linkcrest Landfill, Tarrant County, Texas, November 29, 2002:

above and below, note the displaced primary P9 or P10, and how pale it is:

In the image below, there is a strong Glaucous-winged Gull "feel" to it:

The fine barring on the underparts is a strong GWGU feature:

The mantle/scps pattern is rather THGU-like, but some GWGUs have a similar pattern (but normally paler-centered):

It was a large gull - as big as the largest of the six other HERGs present - and it was very aggresive.

Note the muddy grizzled greater coverts - very like SBGU and GWGU

The tail is clearly not all-dark, and seemed to be banded - but the details of the pale base have not yet been determined; combined with the too-dark-for-GWGU primaries, I am leaning towards a GWGU X HERG hybrid: