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Update: 12/31/00; see below the original pic. for more details.

I have been asked to display this December gull photograph without mentioning the country in which it was taken. Please send comments to Id-Frontiers - thank you:

- Okay, so this was indeed photographed by me in Fort Worth in early December 2000, thus this is presumably a smithsonianus HERG. The three images below are the only usable ones I got of this bird. Some have wondered if this is a 2B; I feel not, due to the brown-ness of the flight feathers, the pale inner webs to at least P8 (2nd-generation Ps seem to be more uniformly dark from c. P7 - P10), and a few retained juv-looking lower scapulars. I ask that you carefully compare the tail, primaries and secondaries to the birds at this page from Japan. The one apparant feature that looks odd for SBGU is the cleanly-demarcated white head/streaked neck. I feel that had I stated that the first photo had been taken in Japan, this gull would have been accepted as a SBGU; I don't claim that this bird is a SBGU, but offer this as an example of why most 1B SBGUs may not be identifiable in North America: