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This first-cycle gull was photographed on January 31, 2007 near Corpus Christi, Texas;
Note the following points:

- the very thin black subterminal tail band.
- almost pure white outermost tail feathers basal to the black band.
- largely unmarked white rump/utc with "U"-shaped row of dark arrowheads.
- very sparse markings on the undertail coverts with the markings being diamond- or triangle-shaped.
- the strong, contrastly ginger tone to the lower neck and upper chest markings.
- underpart markings mostly spot-like with some diamond-shaped marks near the shoulder.
- the contrast between the inner and outer primaries from above.
- P10 obviously shorter than P9.
- the pale tip to the bill:

Also note that this was a small individual; on the small side for a LBBG or YLGU: