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This first-cycle gull was photographed on January 011, 2007 in the Coastal Plain near Houston and Galveston, Texas; it is a LBBG/YLGU-type or some kind of hybrid. Note the following features:- stout bill with slight, yellow-tipped hook at the tip; long, thick legs; full chest but without the long rangy rear-end of LBBG; extensive wear on the pale parts of the first-generation upperparts feathers; pale head with slight mask above/behind eye; relatively pale underwing coverts/axillaries; narrowish black subterminal tail band such that the solid black does not reach the longest uppertail covert; band of almost unmarked white feathers on the basal uppertail coverts forming a white "U" shape; dark marks on the distal uppertail coverts are diamond/triangular-shaped; dark marks on undertail coverts are spots, not bars: