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This first-cycle gull was photographed on January 07, 2007 in the Coastal Plain near Houston and Galveston, Texas; I feel it has a suite of Vega Gull characteristics; NOTE - bare parts are variously stained by yellowish mud:

I barely got the camera on it when all the gulls flew, hence my less-than-stellar standing photo:

This newly added image shows the classic argentatus holly-leaf pattern on the tertials, and that there is no coalescing of the dark marks on the hindneck to form a uniform "shawl", as on smithsonianus:

Note the extensive white in the rump/ uppertail coverts, and the extensive white barring in the basal two-thirds of the tail creating a narrow black subterminal band:

Note the double white barring on the greater secondary coverts extending hot e very outer feathers of this tract, and a rather extensive pale inner primary "window":

note the lightly-marked undertail coverts and whitish underbody, mottled with dark mostly on the sides:

note the thin white line running the extent of the patagial area (front-most lesser secondary coverts), and the holly-leaf pattern of the juvenile lower scaps and tertials: