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Clarification: All these images are of the same individual (in the first flight shot it is the lower bird): conditions were very muddy, and the bill color on all the birds was changing over short periods of time depending on what they were foraging in - in the the case of the penultimate photo the bird had recently put its bill is some sludgy water, staining all the bill with mud, then after this it must have wiped its bill tip on something to the point where the true dark color is revealed. The three flight photos are part of the same take-off sequence.

This gull was photographed on December 26, 2006 in the Coastal Plain near Houston and Galveston, This gull is a first-cycle LBBG type with some unusual features: The head and body are unsually white; the legs appear rather long and spindly; the upper wing coverts have exceptionally broad white fringes; the white internal barring in the inner greater coverts is very bold (and extensive on the left wing); the black subterminal tail band is rather narrow; the underwing coverts are relatively lightly marked and the axillaries are contrastingly paler still; primaries 1 through 6 have strongly contrasting paler inner webs, at least distally. Many of the above features are found in heuglini: