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Update Aug 6, 2000: new pics and a comment added - at bottom of page.
This gull was (is?) present at King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK in late July/early August 2000. All the images presented here are by Richard Millington and Dick Newell. Much debate has ensued about its identity, with candidates such as michahellis, cachinnans, heuglini, and cach. x argentatus being considered. More images and some observations can be found at Brian J. Small's page. Please email your comments to the forum via which you arrived here, or to me - thank you:


New photos from Richard Millington added Aug 6, 2000:

One comment/question from me (Martin): I notice how on some pics the underwing coverts/axillaries look much darker than on other images; all written descriptions mention them as white, with various degrees of barring, yet if we only had image X above to go on, surely we'd have trouble matching the descriptions to the photo. Do you think this is a trick of the harsh lighting, or more the angle of view - it appears to me that the axillaries look darker as you view from the rear, and paler as you view from the front - comments???