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This gull was photographed at Bolivar Flats, Texas on November 21, 1999 by Martin Reid. It immediately stood out due to the freshness of its almost-full juvenile plumage, the blackish tone to the feather centers (nearby 1CY HEGUs were dark brownish), the even, almost un-notched whitish edges to the scapulars, and the bicolored, slender yet droop-tipped bill. The only North American taxon that comes close to this individual would be a very large, late-hatched albertaensis California Gull with oddly-long tail and legs; could it be something else?:

- there are signs that the dark tail band is rather narrow for any American taxon (esp. it seems too barred laterally for CAGU?):

- in the first image above, the visible underwing coverts look rather pale.

It matched the size of a smallish HEGU, and had similar leg proportions: