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Update: April 10, 2000: I got my slides back, and they reveal some interesting features on this bird - go to the bottom of the page for the new images.
This gull was video-ed through a telescope at La Marque Racetrack, near Galveston, Texas on the 3rd of April, 2000 by John and Barbara Ribble. it may be just an odd LBBG, but it is very white-headed for a presumed 2A ( or is it 3A?):

and the bill is very cleanly demarcated, with a tinge of red on either side of the black on the lower mandible:

- despite the significant paling effect of video-ing though a telescope, it was clearly darker on the mantle than all nearby Laughing Gulls, even when at the same angle:

- the retained older wing coverts looked very even brown and unpatterned, and the mantle/scaps were uniformly fresh dark gray:

- P8-P10 looked a bit paler and browner than P5-P7, looking more worn and lacking the pale crescents on P5-P7:

Update: April 10, 2000: - the slide images that follow seem to confirm that there are two generations of secondaries (inner one-third are older than outer two-thirds)and two generations of primaries ( P10-P8 older than P7-P1):-

- in the above zoom of the left wing, note the outer P10- P8 are paler than P7- P5, and that the primary coverts above P10-P8 have smaller white tips than those above P7-P1. In the following shot of the right upperwing, the greater primary coverts have clean white tips above P1 - P7, but have far less on those above P8 - P10:

Two views of the underwing ( in the lower shot a HEGU is crossing directly below this bird):

The mantle shade was very dark; video tends to bleach-out dark colors - especially when shot through a telescope, as were the video grabs at the start of this page; the following pictures are a more-accurate portrayal of how dark the bird looked in the field:

I would appreciate receiving comments.