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This gull was photographed on March 17, 1998 in Texas by Martin Reid. I noted at the time of observation that the bases to the outermost tail feathers and the central belly were starkly white. I took eight slide photos of the bird, all of which are shown here. The original slides are all slightly underexposed, with sunlight from slightly behind the bird. The scans do not capture the true detail/contrast of the originals, but I've tried to adjust the images to best match them (all adjusments were applied to the whole image, to avoid any subjective changes); NOTE: all images were prepared using a 17" monitor; viewing on a smaller monitor will cause the images to appear much darker than "true", while viewing on a larger monitor will make them appear much paler than "true":-
image a):

image b):

images c), d):

image e):

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