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These Franklin's Gulls (Larus pipixcan) were photographed at Arica, northernmost Chile on December 01, 1993 by Martin Reid:
Note in the first-winter bird (top) that all of the tail plus the outer 5/6 primaries appear to be fresh 2nd-gen., while the secondaries and the inner four primaries are worn first-gen. - thus it has started its first replacement P molt at P5 - more like Common/Arctic Terns than any gull!; The 2nd-winter bird (bottom) seems to be missing P1; I'm not sure of the age of the other primaries - presumably fresh 4th-gen?; the tail looks quite fresh - is it 3rd or 4th-gen (the black spots suggest the former).?:

These two provide a fascinating comparison:- the upper bird seems to be a first-winter that has already completely replaced its juv. flight feathers with 2nd-gen feathers: The lower bird I presume to be in its second winter - it has a worn "first-immature-type" tail, plus two old outermost secondaries; Ps 1-3 are missing so I presume Ps 4-10 to be old 3rd-gen feathers; yet the fresh inner secondaries are still of an immature type - I'd have expected them to look more adult-like as they should be 4th-gen?: