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This possible first-winter eastern Caspian Gull (Larus cachinnans ) was photographed by Martin Reid in Bahrain in early March. It could be a barabensis or even heuglini (the width of the tail band fits the latter form better), but I feel that the paleness of the inner primaries, pattern of the greater secondary coverts, and head/bill shape are against heuglini. Choosing eastern cach. over barabensis is a matter of degree - the paleness of the mantle and apparent retention of most juv. wing coverts lean me towards cachinnans:

- but the underwing looks rather dark for cachinnans (although I suspect the the eastermost birds average much more dark below that the western populations); note that all but the outer 3 primaries are very pale from below, and even the outer three Ps are only a medium-brown tone; the legs look rather short for cachinnans, and from below this bird looks much better for a darkish heuglini. Whatever this bird is, does it provide a clue to the mystery Fort Worth bird?: