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This adult Caspian Gull (Larus cachinnans ) was photographed by Martin Reid in Bahrain, early March 1999. The obviously paler mantle and bill compared to the barabensis in the background, the rakish head shape (probably a male) and slender bill, and the primary pattern (more below) all point towards this being the western form, ponticus:  

The primary pattern is near the "light" end of the range for cachinnans: the mirror reaching the tip on P10, only a tiny black mark on the outer web of P4, and narrow band of black on P5; yet the pale tongues on the inner webs of P10 - P8 are gray rather than whitish, and are not as extensive as on the very lightest examples:
The condition of the wing feathers is interesting: the primaries appear to be rather dull and worn while the secondaries (and coverts) look bright and fresh: