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This image from Bahrain in early March 1999 (Martin Reid) provides a valuable comparison of the three main taxa of large gull that winter there; they are (from left to right):- barabensis, heuglini, cachinnans (probably the eastern nominate form, not the paler western ponticus). The relative size and structure is typical for most birds seen there, and demonstrates my personal experience that heuglini is in-between barabensis and cachinnans in size. The fourth - or rightmost - bird is most interesting, as it has quite extensive fine streaking on the rear crown and nape, despite the bill appearing to be fully adult-like. Combine this with a pale eye, an apparent mantle shade inbetween barabensis and heuglini, fleshy-yellow legs, and an angular bill/forehead shape, and I feel we may have a Big Pale Heuglini-type here, despite the apparent small size (thus perhaps a female?). I am keen to entertain other possibilities for this bird - thank you: