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Odonates from Puerto Rico, Jan/Feb 2012:

From January 30 - February 04, 2012 Sheridan and I were on a birding trip to Puerto Rico, and while there I tried to photograph odonates whenever possible; here are the rather limited results:

1) Telebasis vulnerata
; close to an El Yunque stream:

2) Coryphaeschna viriditas Mangrove Darner; a female from coastal woodland edge, north of Mayaguez:

3) Gynacantha nervosa Twilight Darner; in the Maricao Forest:

4) Erythrodiplax justiniana Antillean Dragonlet; along a broad shallow creek near the Coamo Springs Resort:

5) Macrothemis celeno Antillean Sylph; a female from coastal woodland edge north of Mayaguez:

6) Scapanea frontalis Club-tailed Skimmer; a female resting after feeding c. 15' high in clearing at Maravilla Guest House north of Maricao:

7) Tauriphila australis Garnet Glider; a feeding male at Laguna Cartagena:

8) Tramea abdominalis Vermilion Saddlebags; a female at Maricao Forest:

this female from a small feeding swarm at Guanica Forest: