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Odonates from Northeast Mexico, March 2006:

All the following odes are from a birding stop at the Rio Sabinas at Rancho Cielito, near Gomez Farias, Tamaulipas, Mexico, March 10, 2006:

A) Identified by Dennis Paulson as Erythrodiplax fusca :

B) Identified by Dennis Paulson as female Dythemis multipunctata:

C): Hetaerina occisa (flying alongside the more-common H. americana) :

D): Argia rhoadsi - note that the first individual has no hint of any "gold" in the wings - I checked them carefully in the field, and they were clear:

a 2nd individual:

E) Argia oenea - it looks rather different in abdominal pattern/color to those found in west TX:

F) Identified by Dennis Paulson as Argia anceps :