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Odonates from southeastern Ecuador, November 2007:

All the following odes are from Cabanas Yankuam, next to the Rio Nangaritza at c. 3,000 feet on an outlying ridge east of the Andes and west of the Cordillera del Condor in extreme southeast Ecuador (4 deg. 9 min. 45 sec. south; 78 deg. 38 min. 31 sec. west), late November, 2007:

A): Perithemis parzefalli:

B): IDed by Dennis Paulson as a male Perithemis mooma:

C): IDed by Dennis Paulson as presumeably Erythrodiplax fusca but E. melanorubra cannot be ruled out:

D): IDed by Dennis Paulson as probably not Micrathyria didyma but instead one of a few very similar species:

E): IDed by Dennis Paulson as an Acanthagrion sp.; possibly an undescribed species:

F): IDed by Dennis Paulson as a different Acanthagrion sp.:

G): IDed by Dennis Paulson as a male Polythore terminata.:

H): This Argia is from near Pinas at c. 3,000 feet in El Oro province, southwest Ecuador in December 2006 - Dennis Paulson says it is unidentifiable from these photos: