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Powdered Dancer Argia moesta:
These A.moesta-types are two of many seen at the Big Creek Scenic Area, San Jacinto County, Texas, in August 2005. They seem to be of the so-called "Southeasten Form" whereby the humeral/antihumeral area is strongly developed into an asymmetrical fork. Also note the obvious thin pale brown stripe dorsally on S2-S5 ("normal"moesta do not seem to have these, once pruinescence is well-developed), the heavily-pruinose thorax and S9/S10 contrasting with clean black thoracic striping and S8 ("normal" moesta show a graded interface between the black and pruinose areas), and especially, the apparent structure of the tori on S10:- I've compared them to the illustrations/images in Westfall and May, plus Abbott, and as many images as I can find on the Internet - the tori structure is clearly different to that shown for moesta. The structure of the appendages cannot be determined, but the paraprocts seem to be pale blue - again I can't find any image of moesta similar to this. Given all these differences, I am rather surprised that this form does not have its own name (as in A. fumipennis Variable Dancer) - has anyone examined specimens from this site/area?: