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Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula:

This pair were at the Spring at The Nature Conservancy's Independance Creek Preserve in Terrell county, Texas on June 04, 2016. Note the strong amber tone to the wings of the female:

This presumed imm. male was photographed at Bob Eden park, Big Bear Creek, Euless, Tarrant County, TX on July 6, 2003:

Note that the pale antehumeral stripe is extremely thin and almost broken at one point (it looks identical in the flash image below, thus it is not an artifact of reflection/lighting); also S2 seems to completely lack a pale spot dorso-basally, and the normally-obvious lateral expansion of the pale ventral color about 2/3rds of the way down S3 is very subdued. Note also the rather blurry lower edge to the broad dark humeral band:

S10 seems to have the blue extend laterally at the base more than is typical, plus there is an extra small dark mark disto-laterally on S8:

All the images I can find of sedula look similar to each other and different to this one with regard to the features highlighted above -except for this one by Dennis Paulson, from Vale Verde County Texas in July. It approaches the Bob Eden individual with regard to the antehumeral stripe and S2 pattern, so I wonder if this is individual variation, regional variation, or perhaps signs of hybridization?

Update April 2008: This individual was photographed along the irrigation channel behind the Lomita Seminary, near Anzalduas County Park, Hidalgo county, Texas on April 22, 2008; note the pattern of the humeral stripe (strongly forked with thickened subapical area on upper fork), interplural suture (widely disconnected from the humeral stripe), and metaplural suture (only blackened on the distal quarter) - note also on S2 a small dab of blue dorsoapically. This individual also has very large blue ocular spots and a thin blue inter-ocular line: