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Update May 04, 2007: added a male from Double Lake Recreational Area, Sam Houston National Forest, San Jacinto county, Texas and a pair from near the Neches River, Jasper county, both on May 03, 2007:

Update July 31, 2006: added more pics of this pair, at the bottom.

A pair of Turquoise Bluets Enallagma divagans. There is one county record (1998) for this species; I photographed (unknowingly at the time) a female in my yard in western Tarrant County (Fort Worth), Texas in August 2001, and found three more females in my yard this April, but no males yet. Those pictured here were one of two pairs found along the Split Fork Creek at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge; the male was hand-caught and awaits preparation/documentation.

Update, July 31, 2006: added these previously-misplaced images of the same pair as above: