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Update June 17, 2008 : added more pics from east of Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo county, Texas, at the bottom.

Update July 14 2006: added more pics from the same area near Mission, Texas, at the bottom.

These two Ringed Forceptails Phyllocyla breviphylla were two of the three males found near Bentsen State Park, Hidalgo County Texas on June 21, 2005; click here to see records from 2004:

Update July 14, 2006: hile at and near the NABA Butterfly Park in Mission, Hidalgo County, Texas on July 12 and 13 2006, Jan and David Dauphin and I found five Phyllocycla. They were at two different locations, but at both they were all were clinging to low/medium height vegetation on the shaded, lee side of a row or trees:

This male and female were close to each other on the banks of the Rio Grande:

This male and female were close to each other (and another female) at the NABA Butterfly park along the wooded edge of the main plantings; note that the wooded irrigation ditch was dry:

- I was struck by the difference in the terminal part of the abdomen on these two females - in particular the color and shape of the appendages:
The female at NABA:

The female at the River:

A mature female from east of Santa Ana NWR on June 15, 2008: