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Royal River Cruiser Macromia taeniolata

Update May 04, 2007: another female, from Newton County, Texas, added at the bottom:

This Macromia was patrol-hunting in late June 2002 along the far bank of a wooded slow creek in Western Tarrant County (just west of Fort Worth), Texas. It then flew up and perched about half-way up in a tree; I studied it via binoculars, and it had a break in the dorsal part of the S2 yellow ring; the abdomen was very slender throughout, with no swelling near to tip; could this be M. taeniolata? update: Sid Dunkle has commented that it is likley a *taeniolata* based on the pics and description:

This presumed imm. female Royal River Cruiser Macromia taeniolata was found perching low to the ground (c.eighteen inches) about six feet from the creek-edge (30 yards from the location above),during mostly overcast and windy weather at 8.30am on June 25, 2003; note the amount of yellow between the metallic blue forehead and vertex - is this within the variation for pure taeniolata, or could this indicate hybridization?:

Update May 04, 2007: another female, from Trout Creek, Newton County, Texas on May 03 2007: