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Swift River Cruiser M. illinoiensis georgina

Update June 18, 2011: added a male in flight, to the bottom of the page.

Update June 15, 2006
: added a female that looks more like the nothern form, to the bottom of the page.

This individual was caught in late June 2002 as it patrolled along a stretch of a wooded slow creek in Western Tarrant County (just west of Fort Worth), Texas; it looks to be a typical male georgina :

This one was patrolling the same stretch of creek as that above, going quite long periods before returning; likely M. i. georgina:

This female was caught close to the Frio River west of Pearsall, Frio County, TX in July 2005 where it flies alongside M. annulata Bronzed River Cruiser; note that this individual lacks any yellow stripes on the front of the thorax:

Update June 18, 2011: this male in flight was at Gus Engeling WMA, Anderson county, Texas on June 17, 2011: