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Update: July 27 2009: added recent pics of a male - at the top:

Update: July 05 2005: added recent pics of a green-form female at the bottom:

This male Arroyo Darner Aeshna dugesi was patrolling over a small stock pond by H166 on the southwest flank of the Davis Mtns, Jeff Davis county, Texas on July 26, 2009:

This blue-from female Arroyo Darner Rhionaeschna dugesi was photographed patrolling a small clearing in mixed pine/oak forest at c. 6,300 feet, close to a small seepage trickle running from a windmill and tank near the start of Road Canyon in the Davis Mountains Preserve on May 28, 2005. This individual seems to show the dorsoposterial extension of the anterior lateral thoracic stripe, no apparent tubercle on the underside of S1 (although this may not be visible in this view), and dark line across the face that separate it from female Blue-eyed Darner A. multicolor :

Update: July 05 2005: This green-form female Arroyo Darner Aeshna dugesi was ovispositing at the small pool at Smith Springs, Frijole Ranch, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Culberson County, Texas on July 01, 2005 - a male was patrolling the pool while she was egg-laying: