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Ivory-striped Sylph Macrothemis imitans:

This teneral male was photographed Nueces River below the H90 road bridge in western Uvalde County, Texas on May 19, 2005; see below for mature individuals from two days later:

This male was patrolling along the Medina River near H16 in southern Bexar County, TX on May 21, 2005:

- and this female was at the same spot; I watched them gain and lose copula twice; the female was also seen ovipositing along the edge of the bank:

On June 05, 2005 at least eight were seen (new County record and southernmost US record) at the fabulous Halff Brothers Ranch west of Pearsall in Frio County, Texas (50 miles south of San Antonio), where the Frio River winds through thousands of acres of pristine gallery forest:- including this patrolling male:

- and this resting female: