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Update, September 08, 2004: Sid Dunkle has confirmed the identity of this Argia. This is the third record of Argia pallens for Texas:- the first was in Big Bend Ranch SNA, Presidio County, April 25, 2000 (R. Behrstock), and the second was collected from Balmorhea State Park, Reeves County, on May 27, 2000 (per J. Abbott.)

This Argia was found by Sheridan Coffey and photographed by Martin Reid on Cibilo Creek at Shafter, Presidio County, west Texas on September 06, 2004. I feel it is a male Amethyst Dancer Argia pallens, but I would appreciate feedback:

note the red mites below segment 1:

This male Amethyst Dancer Argia pallens is from Sycamore Canyon, Santa Cruz county, Arizona on August 28, 2013: