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Update, July 02 2006: I've added pics from McAllen, Hidalgo county in August 2005, at the bottom.

With many thanks to Dennis Paulson for the site information, these pics of the very local Golden-winged Dancer Argia rhoadsi were taken by me at Fort Clark Springs, Kinney County, Texas on Aug 17, 2004:

In the two entries below, I was able to photograph a male close to a male Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula for comparison. The cropped original is followed by a merged version fo the two bugs together; note the slightly larger size of rhoadsi, its narrower blue abdominal rings, and the rearwards "creep" of blue dorsally from the basal ring on S3; I also noted that rhoadsi had a frequent habit of partially opening their wings (roughly to the position that a Spreadwing holds it wings):-

A male and mature female at McAllen Nature Park, Hidalgo County on August 18, 2005;

This male was one of five (plus one female) seen at Felipe Creek, Del Rio, Val Verde county, Texas in late June 2007: