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Blue-faced Ringtail Erpetogomphus eutainia

Update September 30, 2004: added pics at the bottom of two E. eutainia I found in Laredo, TX today.

With many thanks to Greg Lasley for his assistance, these pics of this delightful ode were taken by me at Independence Park, Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas on Aug 16, 2004:

Update September 30, 2004: Today I visited the Paso del Indio nature trail behind the Laredo Community College at the west end of Washington Street in Laredo. I was primarily looking for butterflies, but odes were also on my radar. I found this dragon right next to the main trail sign:

- and promptly mis-identified it as some kind of rare small Libellulid..... Further along the trail, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a robber fly relocate a few yards behind me; it looked "odd", so I went back to check it out, and this is what I found:

- I took a couple of pics, waited a while to let the fly get some grub, then threw my hat over it. I jiggled the hat until I heard the fly buzzing, and cautiously lifted the hat - the fly flew, leaving the male E. eutainia in the grass for me to collect! This is a new Webb County record, and significant range extension in the U.S., as all prior records are from Gonzales and Caldwell counties, east of San Antonio.