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Update June 07 2005: Today I found two male Orange-striped Threadtails Protoneura cara on Winans Creek under the H16 road bridge west of Bandera in Bandera County. - added at bottom of page.

These Orange-striped Threadtails Protoneura cara were photographed on Cibilo Creek at the Cibilo Nature Center in Boerne, Kendall County, Texas on August 12, 2004; there were more than 30 individuals seen - almost all in tandem - along a 70-yard stretch of the creek:

During this ovipositing process the males keep their wings going, and - rather like an airboat - they slowly steer the flotsam into the center of the gentle eddy.

NOTE in the pic below an unattached female that is ovipositing (top end of twig); she remained like this for quite a while - long after the two pairs had departed the twig. Eventually she flew up and within seconds had been grabbed by a male:

June 07 2005: Winans Creek, Bandera County: