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Coral-fronted Threadtail Neonura aaroni:

Update July 03 2006: I've added close-ups of a pair, at the bottom.
Update June 05 2005: Today I was lucky enough to I find a number of significant records at the fabulous Halff Brothers Ranch west of Pearsall in Frio County, Texas (50 miles south of San Antonio), where the Frio River winds through thousands of acres of pristine gallery forest.   These finds included both species of Neonura
Update May 23 2005: Today I found N. aaroni along the Guadalupe River at the State Park in Comal County, and I've added a few more pics at the top of the page.
Update May 22 2005: Today I got lucky with both the Neonura threadtails on the Rio Grande in the wonderful Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary at San Ygnacio, Zapata County, Texas.

One of the numerous N. aaroni I found on the Frio River on June 05, 2005:

- and here's both specie of Neonura in flight over the Frio river:

From Guadalupe River State Park on May 23, 2005:

- from San Ygnacio on May 22, 2005:

The male below seems to be slightly immature, in that the eyes are rather dull and the coral on the thorax is subdued:

- and both species of Neonura together at San Ygnacio:

Detail of an egg-laying pair on the Frio River, Frio county, in August 2005: