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These two female Icarus Darners Coryphaeschna apeora were in the LRGV on July 24/25, 2018.

CLICK HERE to see my page about the first U.S. record of C. apeora.

This first one - from July 24 - at Frontera Audubon Sanctuary. At first we presumed that this was the same individual as the one found by Mike Rickard four days earlier (his was the fourth record of C. apeora for Texas and the United States), however a careful comparison of the veination in the basal part of the left hindwing clearly showed significant differences, establishing that this is a diffierent individual, and thus the fifth record of C. apeora for Texas and the United States:

This second individual (sixth Texas/U.S. record) - from July 25th - was at the National Butterfly Center, and seemed to be attempting to oviposit:

This sequence of photos was taken just before it moved into the position seen above; it was seen to fly in and hang-up just seconds before this first image below. The habitat was a small, lightly-wooded gully with c. 10-foot high sloping sides; the darner was c. 4 feet up from the bottom of the gully; the gully was dry at this spot, but there was water in it c. 50 yards away, and a narrow irrigation channel with shallow water in it in the woods running parallel to the gully: