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Hyacinth Glider Miathyria marcella:

Prue Road San Antonio, Bexar County ,Texas area in early June 2004.

On June 27, 2004 at LaBonte Park in Calallen, north of Corpus Christi there was a swarm of feeding individuals; it was quite windy, and on a small bare bush out of the wind there were I found four M. marcella perched within eighteen inches of each other:

- a young male, with promiment whitish thoracic stripe:

a mature male with the pale thoracic stripe mostly obscured:

a female; note the shorter, wider brown patches on the HW - much closer to the shape of those found on M. simplex (unrecorded in US but possible in TX or FL)

near Lake Casa Blanca State Park, Laredo, Webb County, Texas on September 30 2004: