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A series of red-fronsed Orthemis from south Texas, with the last two from northern South America for comparison:

A) Santa Ana NWR May 25, 2009: extensive pale wing veins; strong remnant dark thoracic marks; strong pink tone to thorax and abdomen pruinosity:

B) Santa Ana NWR May 25, 2009 - possibly same individual as above: frons seems to be pinker than above, but lateral thoracic marks similar - also dark visible on the "belly":

C) Santa Ana NWR Aug 07, 2004: fairly extensive pink wing veining from dorsal view virtually disappears from dorso-lateral view; strong pink tone to thorax and abdomen pruinosity::

D) Lost Maples Stae Park, Sept 08, 2004: typical discolor ventral/ventrolateral thorax; orange/pink wing veining fairly extensive but could be misleading from below:

E) LRGV, Oct 12, 2004: somewhat extensive pink wing veining:

F) Santa Ana NWR Aug 08 2004: dusky tone to ventral thorax, with two strong white ventrolateral lines outlined in dark, and dark on "belly"; wings from below show limited color in veins:

G) East of San Antonio, Oct 24, 2004: Typical discolor?:- no wing coloration from above (and very limited from below); ventrolateral thorax dull orange:

H) Pearsall (south of San Antonio), June 06, 2005: suggestion of fairly extensive pink wing veining (given angle of view); suggestion of dark marks on ventrolateral thorax; pink tone to thorax and abdomen pruinosity:

I) Pearsall (south of San Antonio), Oct 16, 2005: typical discolor:- wings dark; indication that thorax is orange ventrolaterally:

J) Bracketville (west of San Antonio), July 02, 2008: typical discolor:- dark wings and orange tone on ventrolateral thorax:

K) Bentsen WBC, May 13, 2009: a typical discolor next to ferruginea:

L) Santa Ana NWR, May 21, 2009: ventrolateral thorax orange but with two short whitish lines; wings with very limited vein coloration from above; weak pink tone to thorax and abdomen pruinosity

M) Frontera AS, Oct 06, 2010: fairly typical discolor but with slight pink tone to thorax and abdomen pruinosity:- dark wings from above; ventrolateral and ventral thorax (including "belly") dull orange:

N) November 02, 2013 Frontera AS Hidalgo County:

X) Curacao, Dutch Antilles, Nov 08, 2011: dark wings, dark legs, fairly strong pink tone to thorax and abdomen pruinosity:

Y) Paramaraibo, Suriname, Nov 09, 2011: ventral thorax appears to be orange; legs dusky; thorax with dark pink pruinescense while abdomen lacks pruinescense: